100 Ways to Use Strawberries

Strawberry season comes but once a year, and before you know it, you’ve spent way too much at the farmers’ market buying an entire flat of them, only to panic when you remember they go bad faster than bananas. So what to do with all those juicy little red guys? Oh we’ve got your covered…

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From bacon to bananas, find the rest of our 100 Ways here.

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  • erica May 31, 2011  

    yum! i can’t wait ’til my strawberries come in.

  • TidyMom May 31, 2011  

    WOW! my mouth is watering for some good strawberries!! fabulous line up!

  • Jennifer (Savor) May 31, 2011  

    What a refreshing and tmiely round-up – thanks! 😉

  • Cookin' Canuck May 31, 2011  

    The strawberries at our local market are so sweet right now and we are trying to include them in as many sweet and savory dishes as we can. Thanks for all of these great ideas and for including a couple of my recipes.

  • Kim - Liv Life May 31, 2011  

    I absolutely love this photo driven post!! How can you go wrong with strawberries? You’ve given us plenty to work with!! Thanks so much!!

  • Ashley Littlefield May 31, 2011  

    I <3 strawberries…they are like my crack. Can't wait to try the bruschetta – it seems so different!

  • Quinces and the Pea May 31, 2011  

    What a gorgeous post! thanks so much for featuring my frozen yogurt post!

  • Bee May 31, 2011  

    I knew there was a reason I loved you guys 😉 Bring on Strawberry season, I’m ready!

  • marla May 31, 2011  

    OMG – I love strawberries & this round up post is awesome. Something I will refer to frequently! Thanks for including my strawberry avocado salsa.

  • Diane {Created by Diane} May 31, 2011  

    What a fabulously delicious post!

  • Shirley @ gfe June 1, 2011  

    Such a feast for the eyes–gorgeous! Now to get to the actual feast, must check out these recipes. 😉 Thanks!


  • Leslie August 2, 2011  

    To whiten your teeth! And to get rid of pimples! Don’t forget those.

    Seriously. This list is awe-some. Bookmarking it for the boatload of strawberries in my life soon. Love.

  • Jenna August 17, 2011  

    Thanks for posting my Balsamic Strawberry Wontons!!

  • Phil E. Drifter September 23, 2011  

    101 is to stuff ’em up our asshole

  • Jean-François Chénier February 23, 2012  

    These all look wonderful — and when you’re done with all these, you can dry the leaves and make strawberry leaf tea.

  • pinkie hendler March 22, 2012  

    strawberries – refrigerate them or leave them at room temperature???? Anybody know???

  • Nisha May 23, 2012  

    This is awesome. Nice collection and variety!!

  • Rand January 14, 2013  

    Where is the recipe for the lead photo — the link photo that took me to this page? That same photo is not in this collection. I WANT THAT recipe!!!

  • Kristie May 25, 2013  

    years late but the same site that has the strawberry shortcake trifle just added a Neapolitan Mousse Cakes that sounds amazing! n is supposedly easy to make

  • Kristie May 25, 2013  

    don’t know if I sent, sry if I did, but the gracessweetlife.com site has an amazing sounding neapolitan mousse cakes 🙂

  • shyanna September 5, 2013  

    wow yayayyayayay strawberries make my tummy yummy

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