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Endless Cocktails

Avocado Margarita

The New Moscow Mule

The best thing to ever happen to tequila. Why use ginger beer when you have ginger, and beer?

Cucumber Chili Margarita

Blood Orange Margarita

A spicy kind of buzz.A marg that’s classy enough for the a.m.

The Gringo

Summer Blood and Sand

Beer, grapefruit juice and tequila. No joke. A classic whiskey cocktail re-imagined for summer.

Prosecco Popsicle

More Pop-tails

A brunch cocktail becomes dessert.Ain’t no cocktail we can’t turn into a popsicle.

Snow Cocktails

Aloe Vera Cocktail

The most exciting part of a snowstorm.Nature’s strangest plant meets vodka.

The $100 Martini, Recessionized

Peach and Blackberry Bubbler

Lose the gold leaf, keep the cognac.Some berries and rum with your Champagne?

Cosmopolitan Ring Pop

Tropical Sloopy Bleep Bleep

If you like the drink, put a ring on it.Just keep adding fruit. Eventually it’ll work.

Bacon Cocktails

Top 10 American Drinks

Choose your own bacon and booze adventure.Jello shots, car bombs, and other US inventions.

Guinness and Gin Cocktail

The Tranquilo

Will make you forget all about gin and tonics.All the great things about summer in one jar.


Prosciutto Martini

An Easter egg drink for grown-ups.Pig in a glass — yes, you can.

Mango Coconut Mojito

What’s Up Doc?

 The only time we’ll ever go “skinny.” Carrots have never been so adult.

 Vanilla Bourbon Milkshake

 Hops and Dreams

Ice cream + booze? No one can argue with logic. Beer gets cooked down into a syrup, then drizzled on top.

Snowflake Martini

Snow Miser’s Cooler

Mango Ginger Margarita

Tamarind Mint Margarita

 It’s snowing coconut!A warming winter cocktail that keeps it simple.The best thing to ever come out of Disneyland.A marg to drink with your pad thai.

A Heated Affair

Savoy Bounce

Spiced Caramel Apple

Winter Whisper

 A litte tequila in your apple cider?A bourbon cocktail for girlie types.
Apple cider, meet martini.
Like a strawberry margarita, but for snowy days.

Prohibition Lemonade

Shibuya Shake

Rum ‘n’ Coke ‘n’ Cream

Needle in a Haystack

This one’s not for kids.Can’t hate on any cocktail with Squirt! Yet another good thing made better by ice cream.Gin and mint? Why not!

 Salsa Verde

Just Beet It

The Manmosa

Never Wake a Sleeping Dragon

A tequila drink that will actually leave you feeling refreshed.A martini for beet-lovers (or beets for martini-lovers).A mimosa…with beer.…or it will kick your ass.

Breaking the Law

Balsamic Tequila Sipper

Panamanian Soother

Rodriguez Sour

A cocktail so crazy it ought to be illegal.
Swwet, savory and tequila-y
Blueberries, meet rum
Jalapenos – not just for garnish.

Honeyloupe Cocktail

Raspberry Sorbet Bellini

Dutch Root Beer Float

A Snowball’s Chance

Part cantaloupe, part honey dew, lots of gin.Champagne + vodka + ice cream. What could go wrong?What’s better than a root beer float? A root beer float with vodka.More on the ice cream + vodka front.


Watermelon. Tequila. We win summer.Champagne + vodka + ice cream. What could go wrong?What’s better than a root beer float? A root beer float with vodka.More on the ice cream + vodka front.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Cocktail

Sex and the City Cocktails

Spiced Cosmo

The Velvet Pith

peanut butter and jelly cocktail
The ultimate comfort food, finally in cocktail form.What would Carrie drink? Hint: not just a cosmo.Reclaiming the girliest of all cocktails.An egg white cocktail that works for summer.

Cafe Pacifico

Bourbon Butterscotch Latte

Coconut Batidas

Cocktails Gone Spherical

The ultimate comfort food, finally in cocktail form.With that name, what more do you need?
 Brazil’s signature liquor gets a new twist. Eight great cocktail orbs.

Top 10 New Drink Mixers

Meat Cocktails

Beer Float

Sweet Charity

Sriracha, egg yolks, saffron and beets (not all in the same drink).Is that a sausage in your drink or are you just happy to see me?
Ice cream makes dark beers ready for summertime.
Move over Champagne — time for prosecco cocktails

Winter Cocktails Gone Wild

Halloween Cocktails

Thanksgiving Cocktails

Top 5 Beer Cocktails

Hot peanut buttered rum and tea-quila toddies.
From poison punch to eyeball-tinis.Sweet potatoes and pumpkins in a glass. Never have to choose between ale and liquor


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  1. January 20, 2012

    I like my work=)
    good all coctails

  2. June 24, 2013

    The cocktails in here really looks yummy. really wanted to taste them all.

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