Friday Fuck Up: Attack of the Three Dairy Smoothie

Look how beautiful and pink that drink is. It’s just gorgeous. I wanted this calcium-filled liquid to taste as good as it looked.  But I think I took it one dairy too far.

Like most weekday breakfasts, this one started simply: a blender, yogurt and frozen strawberries. But I barely had any yogurt left so I reopened the fridge. What else could I throw in this? I spied milk. Of course, milk lends itself perfectly to smoothies. Problem is, well, there are two problems. One, I hate milk and don’t like a lot of it in anything I consume. And two, there wasn’t that much milk left and I wanted to save it for my boyfriend’s cereal. I added a splash, but my smoothie begged for more ingredients. So there it was. The final dairy left in my fridge that I thought was somewhat suitable for drinking: cottage cheese.

Clearly, I was wrong. Cottage cheese consumed the entire smoothie, even covering that signature yogurt tang. I gagged to swallow the pink liquid down my throat.

So let this be a warning: keep your smoothies to a two dairy minimum.

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  • Tim February 18, 2011  

    Umm, the # of dairy ingredients was not the problem. Cottage cheese was the problem.

    Milk, Yogurt, and frozen yogurt is the golden trifecta of delicious smoothies… well, indulgent smoothies, anyway. Dairy combos are absolutely OK… really good, actually.

    It’s simple, just remember this helpful smoothie rule… If it starts with anything and ends with cheese, don’t put it in your smoothie!


  • dan February 18, 2011  

    Tim –

    I’m pretty sure yogurt and frozen yogurt are the same dairy, thus leaving your smoothie with only 2 dairy’s.

    Another thing I am pretty sure about is that marscapone would probably taste awesome in a smoothie.

  • Tim February 18, 2011  

    Smoothies made with yogurt or frozen yogurt vary greatly… try it. But if you still disagree, then you must know that smoothies I’ve made with ice cream, milk, and yogurt have been even more amazing. …or milk, cream, and dulce de leche. …or creme fraiche, yogurt,and milk. And so on, Sir! And anyway, mascarpone doesn’t end in cheese, so it passes the test.

  • BS February 18, 2011  

    could cream cheese potentially violate the “end in cheese” rule? It’s a possibility. Anyway, I’m off to make a marscapone smoothie now.

  • cottage cheese smoothie May 4, 2013  

    Cottage cheese goes well with the other fruits! Try this cottage cheese smoothie mixed with apples, bananas, oranges, ananas. It is really delicious.

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