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  1. Nice meeting you all in Margate ,New Jersey Interesting Blog got me hooked .

  2. As to extinguishing flaming Brie with flour……
    Any carbonaceous powder can be explosive when suspended momentarily in the air. Flour can, and will explode. Think dust explosions in grain elevators, sawdust explosions, coal dust explosions in coal mines, for example. A handful of flour thrown, cloudlike, at a source of ignition belongs in the recipe file under “Catastophic Friday night fuck-ups”!
    I just found your site through Stumble. I’ll definitely be a regular reader.

  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the book and author Anthony Bourdain recommended on his latest Vietnam trip that aired early March on Travel Channel ?


  4. I just came across your site and love it.. the informative pieces with snarky, smart humor cracks me up. I keep getting funny looks because I am laughing out loud reading this in a coffee shop. Gansie I particularly love your take on the Jewish cooking world.. impressive work on the matzah brie flip by dad ganse! Keep up the fantastic posts and I look forward to more laughs and subsequent puzzled looks… :)


  5. BS – what is harrissa? We need a US-Euro translator tool :)

  6. @Breda – oh no! You guys don’t have harissa? Actually, it’s not that common, probably not that you call it something else…It’s a North African/Middle Eastern spicy red chili paste…goes really well mixed into hummus:

  7. Hi “Simmering” Blogger,

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  8. Hey I saw your site because your hot dog post came up in my feeder alerts under trendy ny because I run a blog at I liked your hot dog crawl post and I am gonna link it on my blog. Check out my restaurant reviews and see if your interested in it. Will add you on my feed and keep checking your posts. Will link when I think my readers would be interested. Thanks

  9. I am a scallop diver on Mount Desert Island in Maine (Yes, there really are “diver” scallops but when you see them on a menu there’s a 99% probability it’s a sham).
    I just happened upon “Screw You, Placopecten Magellanicus” and it made my day!
    I love seafood and scallops are near the bottom of my list. The best way is to shuck and eat them raw on the boat. They are a completely different experience! Unfortunately, only a few of us are lucky enough to do it. When fresh (I mean FRESH!) they taste very sweet with a hint of seawater and have a smooth velvety, texture. During the season, I deliver them fresh, daily to Cleonice Bistro in Ellsworth where Chef/Owner Rich serves them at his raw bar.
    Last March, Rich took my scallops to NYC and served them “his way” at the James Beard Foundation Awards. Sorry to say, they weren’t fresh. He drove through the night with them and they were 15 hours old when they were served.
    Thanks for the hilarious (because it’s true) piece on sea scallops.

  10. Hey, where is Barry’s greatest Top 10 All-Time Food Moments? You did G.W. Bush’s, so why not some parity for gosh sake’s? Are there no food moments with him because he’s too busy ruining the country? Wait, what? Can’t dish it and dish it? Aww. Fail. You.

  11. Dear Endless Simmer ers,

    I have a crush on your site. I like your sense of comedy and inquiry, and the way you obviously seriously dig food.

    I am adding you under “better than vacuuming” in my semi-parodic blog,”Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations Translated into Housewife” :

    If you are against it, just say. Of course you will tear out my heart, if you do. But stoicism is teaching me that I will get over it…

    RGP x

  12. I wanted to find ways to use up excess tomatos from our garden and saw your site’s title. But when I saw the first four letters, and understand what they meant, I decided not to read your article. Frankly I find such expressions disgusting and believe you could have used a better opening than what I saw. I’ll look elsewhere for the information I seek.

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