Wanted: Delicious Ways to Become Intoxicated

Popsicles 2 (500 x 332)

Popsicles! BS totally stole my glory when he asked how everyone consumed their east or west coast strawberries. I didn’t divulge my new favorite summer treat at that point.  But here it is. Popsicles.

I have a feeling popsicles will make me a very happy person, solving any of my problems.

1. Right now my problem, which isn’t really a problem at all, is too many berries. I buy a quart. Eat a handful as soon as they’re purchased and then pluck one or two from the fridge at a time. After a few days they start to shrivel and I throw them in the freezer without a real game plan.

2. Another problem is finding new and exciting ways to consume alcohol. After more than a decade and a half of drinking, I’m always game for inventive and delicious ways to become intoxicated. Wow, we’re really on a drinking kick this week.

3. I like dessert. I hate making dessert. Popsicles are an easy, no bake dessert. Sweet.

I kicked off my popsicle adventures buying molds at Target. And from there…a few hours later…deliciousness…

Strawberry Banana Popsicle

I refused to look up a recipe, thinking I could wing this. I filled up one of the molds and then poured the water in a measuring cup. It was 1/4 cup. 4 molds to a container. 1 cup of liquid would be needed. And then I messed around from there.

I cut up frozen strawberries, maybe about 25. While that was going on I made a simple syrup – 1/2 cup sugar poured into a 1/2 cup boiling water. I only used about half, so 1/4 of simple syrup between the 4 molds. With about 2 full bunches of frozen bananas in my fridge I thought it was about time I put them to use. I mashed up 2 of the bananas (scraping some browned bits off) and threw them into the processor with the rest of the ingredients. A pinch of salt, 2-3 dashes of half and half and a 1/2 teaspoon of Mexican vanilla extract (a present from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas) rounded out the ingredients.

I buzzed that all around, reserving a few cut up strawberries to add some texture to the pops. I poured everything back into the measuring cup, making sure it equaled 1 cup then poured it into the molds.

The pops are totally fucking awesome, especially their drinking spout and holder. It’s a no mess operation and any liquid that drips from the pop is stored in the holder and is easily sipped from the spout when the pop is over. My Oma would have loved it. She used to puncture a napkin with the wooden stick of the pop, slide it all the way up to the pop and that’s where we placed our hand – letting the napkin catch most of the juice drips.

So now I’m obsessed. I’ve since made (but haven’t eaten yet): blueberry pops, blueberry mango pops and thin mint pops.

Funny story. When the molds were already freezing, I called dad gansie to tell him about my new favorite past time. I’m all proud, but of course he one ups me: Did you put any alcohol in it?

Fuck! How did I not think of that. So after this batch, I’m on the look out for some spiked popsicles. I’m open for suggestions.

Still got Straw-Bs to use up? Check out 100 Ways to Use Strawberries

Bonus recipe!

Thin Mint Popsicle

Break up 6-7 thin mints in the bowl of a food processor, add: half and half, simple syrup and chocolate syrup. Buzz around. Pour in mold. MMMM.

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  • Summer June 16, 2010  

    I look forward to hearing the results of your alco-pop experiments, but I’m afraid my hypothesis is that they will fail. Alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water, which is why you can store vodka bottles in the freezer without having the vodka solidify. So unless your pops are very low proof, they’re unlikely to freeze solid.

    A few weeks ago, on the beach, I saw a guy pull a large tupperware container from his cooler, from which he scooped yellow slush into glasses. I asked him what it was. “Margaritas,” he replied, “would you like some? Do you have a cup?” Oh yeah! He’d put his container of margaritas in the freezer, and the tequila kept it from freezing solid, and the end result was slushy frozen cocktails on the beach. I think I do not need to specify that this is awesome.

  • Liza June 16, 2010  

    This is awesome! I’m so excited about the thin mint pops! And I could do a berrie one…
    @ Summer – I was going to suggest a margarita pop or a mojito pop, but I see your point.
    OH you could try a sweat tea vodka pop?? Get some firefly and add some other stuff??

  • tricky June 16, 2010  

    I think you have to add enough water so that it freezes. alcohol freezes, but at a MUCH lower temp than water. beer has enough water in it that it will freeze in a very cold freezer after a while… dry ice anyone?

  • gansie June 16, 2010  

    wow. thanks for all the tips. glad i didnt go gung-ho for the booze. maybe i can just flavor it slightly with some starbucks coffee liquor?

    and did you all see this nyt item on snoball/snowcone http://nyti.ms/asNj8H sounds like what @summer was talking about.

  • Liza June 16, 2010  

    Beer Popsicles???

  • westcoast June 17, 2010  

    e for effort. i mean, who wouldn’t want a liquored up Popsicle. At the very least, some of it will freeze and you will have an adult slushy! Let’s think about Beale Street or Bourbon Street….there are tons of places that have alcoholic slushy machines lining their walls with all sorts of crazy flavors. On Beale, I once had one called “Call A Cab,” and…wait, what am I talking about. I forgot.

  • Olivia June 5, 2012  

    I love your ideas! They sound so fun! Have to try them but found this recipe…you could probably substitute watermelon for strawberries.



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