100 Things to Do with a Banana

How many times has someone spotted excess, overripe or just unused bananas in your kitchen and said, “uh-oh, looks like it’s time to make banana bread!” — as if the only things possible to do with a banana are eat it or turn it into bread? Well we say “no more.” With no particular offense meant to anyone’s banana bread recipe, we believe the humble banana is in fact as versatile as bacon or eggs, and we’ve got the internets to prove it.

Here’s our carefully curated list of 100 Things to Do with a Banana (not including banana bread). Yes, we’ve got plenty of banana breakfasts and banana desserts, but how about some banana curry, banana soup or a banana martini? And don’t worry, there are — of course — a few ways to eat banana with bacon.

Click on the photos for full recipes.

3453245539_c03b92d8d7 almond-milk-bananas-1Untitled 4381998016_d7812b43e4_o
bananabananas-and-chocolatebcp slice overview 2Banana Buttermilk Pancakes
candied-bananas4172586192_d26a88c609_oPound Cake Cupcakes 02IMG_4570_thumb[3]
mango-drink-3-600-x-409 3229401178_847e0efb68 curry2retro-recipe-banana-meatloaf1
dsc_0435 blondiesdone_550 2BananaPies-3
0_416d9_c4218a3e_LIMG_1476 ButternutSquashSoup13696514446_99db7d5b20
3509759764_3c570cdcc7banana ice creambananaslicesFried Bananas2
Banana Split 3144aBananas with Split Green Peas4265334664_ba0de203c1DSC_2892
bananasplitpiePork Chops with Banana and BaconBananas in Coconut CreamToffee-Banana-Brownie.sflb
IMG_8664banana passionfruit jam 62623512814_7cac4e59d4banana-caramel-cupcakes-fro
IMG_5423pbanana-brownies_03-400cover2 banana corn dogs
pa0812_casserole_lgpeach-blackberry-banana-smoothie-1-600-x-411Kitchen Parade 2004 Banana Streusel Muffins 400bacon banana
2009_08_19-IceCream02banana martinisandwich-600-x-335 Open_Face_Ice_Cream_Sandwich_with_Caramelized_Bananas-490

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102 thoughts on “100 Things to Do with a Banana

  1. Why do you say 100 things to do with ‘A’ banana, implying that these would be recipes using a single banana. That was extremely misleading and quite frankly dishonest. I needed recipes using a SINGLE banana, due to your title I thought I would find that here, however I did not. I was disappointed and mislead. I think you should call this, 100 things to do with a ridiculous amount of bananas because thats what you have here is recipes for people who keep bunches of bananas in their homes, which I find bizarre. So you can go back to your grocery shopping for only bananas and cooking for your children recipes that only involve bananas, which i reiterate is bizarre, and I will continue my search for normal banana consumers. Good day.

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