PB & J Bliss


On a stroll through the Flatiron District in New York while catching up with our friend, Taryn, she suggested making a pit stop at Birch Coffee to checkout a cute barrista and the rich roasted coffee. While chatting at the counter, our eyes caught sight of a delectable treat, a peanut butter and jelly brown rice crispy bar and we knew we had to sample one. We pulled and nibbled at the delectable square while walking over to Chelsea Market and were already thinking of ways to recreate the bar on our own. You really can’t beat a blend of salty, buttery nuts with sweet, syrupy preserved fruit. Here’s our take on it.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Crispy Brown Rice Bars

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Peanut Butter and Jell-WHY?!? Vodka

By this point in my Endless Simmer career (and let’s face it, my career as a human being in general), I have become the go-to girl when it comes to crazy/ridiculous/ill-fated novelty alcoholic endeavors. (Well, to be fair, this honor is shared with my booze soulmate, ML.)

So it should come as no shock that when Van Gogh wanted to send us a bottle of its new PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY FLAVORED VODKA to sample, I was the first (and only) writer to jump at the chance to experience such a creation. I didn’t have the highest of hopes for it, but come on, I never really have dreams of glory for any of my drunken experiences. All I hope for are entertaining stories we can retell in the future. And by “entertaining” I mean “humiliating,” but whatever.

My roommates and I decided to throw together a last-minute “flavored vodka tasting party” (classy) to poll people on the PB&J vodka. As one might imagine, the reactions were not the most positive. Don’t get me wrong, I love vodka. I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But something seems a bit…. off about this booze.

Their website describes it as such:

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Easter Candy for Grown-Ups: Peep-Stuffed Jello Shots

The Easter bunny is coming to you this year…by way of a Peep-stuffed jello shot!

Here’s the thing: I’m not a fan of dyeing eggs. In fact, I kinda hate it.  I don’t like the smell of those PAAS kits. I did it for the first time two years ago when my kid was 2. Pure torture. I know — what kind of mother am I?

Well, I’m the kind of mother who makes jell-o-colored eggs shot up with booze for adults and mixed with juice for kids.

See the bottom half, the egg? I went and shot it up with some of Pinnacle’s Cotton Candy vodka. The Peep remains a virgin — although if you wanted to, you could certainly make some boozy Peeps, too. I had to skip the boozy Peep making since my now-5-year-old was anxious to get Easter started once he saw me messing around with the plastic eggs.

This is as close as I will get to artificially dyeing an egg for Easter — even if it’s a wannabe egg.

Easter Egg Jello Shots

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Late Night Refrigerator Raid: Spicy PB&J Noodles

When you work in the restaurant business, dinner time can often be at midnight or later. Let’s be honest, much of the time dinner is at 2 AM after the bars close. When cooks get together and open the refrigerator, some funny and pretty freakin’ delicious things can happen. I was recently part of a Ramen noodle fest at 3 AM that included a bag of frozen peas and about 10 poached eggs. Oh, and that BBQ chicken pizza from homemade dough at 3:30? Epic. I mean, using a dough recipe or letting it rise is not that necessary when you’re hungry. Just throw some yeast, sugar, flour, oil, and water in a bowl and it will probably turn into dough…

The recipe I’m about to share with you doesn’t include amounts because how are you supposed to measure things when you can’t even really see that straight? And to be honest, I don’t really remember how much of what went into the pot. I’ll leave the level of spiciness and sweetness and peanuty-ness up to you. All you need to do is to make the sauce taste delicious. It’s not that difficult. I’m not lying when I say this is legitimately one of the most delicious late night meals I have had in a while.

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Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

We were feeling particularly gluttonous this week with Britannia‘s Mac ‘n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese and Forkitude‘s ultra gooey Peanut Butter and Jelly.

But first. From last weeks FUB, after Sweet Fiend asked what kind of alcohol she should bake with next, we had Kim declare gin. We asked for some more ideas and Beatrice came to the rescue. She sent us Molly Wizenberg’s recipe for Sauerkraut with Gin and Caraway. Thanks, Beatrice!

While JoeHoya thought this looked like a gift from CiCi’s (and why would he know that!), most everyone else appreciated the pure genius of cheese-on-cheese and carb-on-carb. I like Alessandra‘s dramatics the most:

Wow, I opened this email up and literally smelled the mac n cheese. Only 2 hours till lunch, only 2 hours till lunch…

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Artsy Photo Of The Day

Now, this is what I call “winning.”

peanut butter and jelly cocktail

Finally: Peanut Butter and Jelly for Grown Ups

peanut butter and jelly cocktail

There are many people who believe peanut butter belongs on bread and bread only. As someone apt to eat peanut butter with a spoon (or a shovel) I couldn’t disagree more. And ever since I found out about hot peanut buttered rum, I’ve been angling for more ways to enjoy the taste of peanut butter with my booze.

So while we’re not generally big fans of all those pointless “day of” days here at Endless Simmer, I can’t resist celebrating “National Peanut Butter” day with this recipe sent over by Gianfranco of the Tippling Bros mixology team. Without using any actual Skippy, it  recreates the taste of a grade-school PB&J inside a martini glass.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cocktail

Peanut syrup

1) Combine 2 parts water with 2 parts sugar in a pot

2) Bring sugar water to a boil

3) Add 1 part minced peanuts

4) Simmer for 10 minutes

5) Strain to remove peanut particles

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