Feed Us Back: Comments of the Week

– First things first: our sincerest apologies for missing the national holiday that took place earlier this week. erica:

I have to say, i’m slightly disappointed at ES’s lack of National Chip n Dip Day coverage. (not to be confused with National Chip Day). I’ve been thinking of some Tim’s dipped in that olde sour-cream-lipton-onion-soup-mix dip stuff ALL DAY.

We promise to celebrate belatedly this weekend.

– Not surprisingly, ESers were quick to take up Sweet Fiend’s query on what kind of alcohol she should bake with next. Kim:

I’d LOVE to see some kind of coking use for gin. It’s my favorite liquor but I have never seen it in cooking!

Now that’s a challenge! Gin cupcakes? Gin smoothies? Gin soup? Game on.

Michaela makes a very good point about the whole flexitarian thing:

I do find it incredibly amusing that Americans have to come up with a word for ‘eats meat less often than 2-3 times a day’, i.e. flexitarian. Seriously, we need a word for that?

Ha. So true. Forkitude:

Maybe we should make up a word for someone who eats fast food for only one of their daily meals?

– And thanks for all your additions/subtractions/outraged “how the hell did you miss my favorite?!?” comments on our March Food Madness post. Feel free to keep telling us what we missed — the more drunk food the merrier!

(Pretty much the best photo ever: Angee8163D)

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  • Sweet Fiend March 25, 2011  

    I’m still working on something for you, Michaela! Stay tune. And hey, we have that in common. Gin is my fav too-I like it simple: Gin and Tonic with lime. Cheers!

  • erica March 25, 2011  

    well, you guys did post a dip after the fact. that counts, i’d say.

  • erica March 25, 2011  

    i would like to know why that lady is laying in the middle of the floor with her chips. that’s weird.

  • Borracho March 27, 2011  

    I think ESers celebrate dips so often throughout the year that it just slipped through. I know I made Saturday a National Chip n Dip Observed by gorging on some crab-artichoke dip with a creamy stout.

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