No More Day of Days

Memorial Day. Check. Fourth of July. Check.  Labor Day. Check. Columbus Day. Eh, Check.

But fucking National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day! Really?!?! In the last few weeks I’ve been hit with a barrage of days, including yesterday’s soft serve. (Coincidentally, I did enjoy salted caramel custard at Dairy Godmother.)

Earlier this month, August 7th to be exact, the PR folks behind Grey Poupon told me to honor National Mustard Day. And, whoa!, it’s been 30 years since the original snobbery that starts with “Pardon Me…”

But I’m not sure either of these very special days can compare to, get this.

National Bulk Foods Day. On October 23rd we should recognize the 96% cost savings by shopping in the bulk foods aisle. Bulk is Green Council, however, forgot one thing: how the hell am I supposed to remember what I bought in my unlabeled bag-o-grains. The search continues…

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4 thoughts on “No More Day of Days

  1. Soft serve ice cream…Vermonters call it a Creamie. Someone might win Jeopardy with that knowledge.

  2. i don’t know… i think mustard is worth celebrating, but i’m getting tired of “national XYZ day(s)”. i love mustard and bulk items EVERY DAY, dammit.

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