Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs

5.  Chocolate Tornado Potato – Minnesota State Fair


Minnesota strikes again on the potato front. Fair-goers thought they’d never see an improvement on last year’s Tornado Potato — a whole potato, spiral-cut, placed on a stick and deep fried. But this year they’ve dipped the whole thing in chocolate. Amazing. The Heavy Table has even more on Minnesota-fried goodness. (Photo: Kate NG Sommers / Heavy Table)

4. Deep-Fried Cheesesteak on a Stick – Wisconsin State Fair

cheese steak

Sorry, Pennsylvania. Your iconic sandwich is great and all, but it took a state like Wisconsin to bring it to a whole ‘nother level. By now you should know that level is what happens when you place something on a stick, batter it and fry it. (Photo: Cousins)

3. Sweet Potato Dog – San Diego County Fair

sweet potato dog

Because there’s got to be at least one foodie at the fair who says, “don’t you have another option besides just plain potatoes?” Why yes, we also batter that bad boy with sweet potatoes, thank you very much. This one doesn’t look like it holds up in the oil quite as well as the hash brown dog, but they get points for trying. (Photo: It’s Holly)

2. Corn Dog Pizza – Minnesota State Fair

corn dog pizza

I don’t believe anything needs to be said about this item. (Photo: Northfielder)

1. Fried Beer – Texas State Fair


Yes, it’s true. America has finally taken our two greatest loves and made them one. A ravioli-like pocket of pretzel-y dough is filled with good old fashioned beer. We don’t know how it works, or whether it kills you immediately or just in the long term, but boy are we glad it exists. Try it this week at the official close of the fair season – the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. (Photo: Fried Beer)

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs

  1. One of the most intriguing dishes I have seen is fried pie. I didn’t attend any fairs this year but I may have a mission for next summer.

  2. Damn! I can feel my arteries just snapping shut right now… and the temptation to go to the fair this weekend, cos it’s state fair time in NM, conveniently enough.

  3. I like how this was ranked a lot. Anything that can potentially be made in a gourmet food truck in Brooklyn shouldn’t really “win”, because it will likely garner more fame on Grub Street this time next year. So, sorry “fancy” hash and sweet potato dogs, and mashed potatoes on a stick, fried beer is soo #1. Though Chocolate Tornado Potato is an amazing snack food name!! (Also, oddly enough, would make for a great euphemism for diarrhea). That could have stood to be bumped up.

  4. How can you eat this heavy fried, unhealthy, ugly and disgusting “food”?

  5. Just for clarification, san Diego doesn’t have a State Fair, just a County one. Sacramento hosts the California State Fair.

  6. I know this may sound crazy but I have a diabetic student who is going to the State Fair of Texas next week. I want to provide her with a carb count of State Fair food so she can enjoy some unusual tastes. Does anyone know where I can get a list of the food served there with carb counts? Thanks

  7. yuck. America, grow up. being fat, dumb and stupid is no way to go through life.

  8. Really AWESOME fried foods…especially the mashed potatoes on a stick…can it GET any better?

    As a chocoholic I just don’t think that chocolate and potatoes go well together…guess I am just abby normal that way!

    Excellent post!

  9. My cardiologist just called. Told me I’m dead. Then obviously I’m in heaven with this stuff.

  10. @Janice: That really made me laugh… Carb counts at the State Fair. Bwaah ahahha.

  11. I had chicken fried bacon at the Minnesota State Fair. That was pretty incredible.

  12. I think if we had these for sale everywhere we would then consider McDonalds health food and we would be much bigger than ever! McDonalds would have to make the decision to add ice cream to their quarter pounders and deep fry them. Sales of salads would continue to decrease as it has been.

  13. you guys who are saying “no wonder americans are getting fatter” are missing the point. you eat this stuff at the state fair. you may only eat a deep fried klondike bar once or twice a year- so what if its got 3000 calories? nothing listed in this top ten list would be considered every day eats by anybody. eating something completely over the top is the experience- it’s like any other form of entertainment.

  14. I love the juxtaposition of this article with the South Beach Diet ad. What a hoot!

  15. TO Anne – LOL today is the 1st day of 2011 – YOU helped make my day with your post regarding the juxtaposition of the South Beach Ad — to perfect !

  16. Deep fried beer? Who thinks up these things? On the positive side, when the oil can no longer be used to cook use it to fuel your diesel. But, seriously, I’d probably have a hard time passing some of these things up.

  17. I like the list, but I’m not too sure about Texas “inventing” the Corn Dog. The first time one appeared was as a Krusty Korn Dog Baker in 1929, and nowhere near Texas. The first one to appear on a State Fairgrounds was in Minnesota in 1941. Texas, as I have found in my experiences, tends to claim inventing everything, are has rarely invented anything.

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  19. I’m surprised the deep fried Klondike bar is so melted. I’ve had deep fried ice cream at Mexican restaurants that stayed quite frozen.

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