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Fwd: Chicken Fried Bacon

Jrod: Dipping that in the sausage gravy makes my mouth water.

Gansie: no.

BS: Yes!

The beautiful, greasy details about our fav new discovery:

Chicken fried bacon consists of bacon strips dredged in batter and deep fried, like chicken fried steak. It is an American dish that was introduced in Texas in the early 1990s. Frank Sodolak of Sodolak’s Original Country Inn in Snook, Texas, is credited as having invented the food…

…It is usually served as an appetizer with a white “country” or cream gravy for dipping and sauce….

…In recent years, the dish has made its way across America and it is served in Chicago at the Risque Cafe in Lake View….and Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse, Waltham, Massachusetts.

…lovers of the food speak passionately about its qualities: “The moment when the crackle of the crust gives way to the fatty, salty taste of the pork is truly transcendent.”

…Jane Hurley, senior nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, D.C., stated she’s “never heard of anything worse.”

Y-U-M. Another reason why America will ALWAYS be on top.

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Thanks, Jrod.

More Bacon: Recipes, raves and other bacon bits in Endless Bacon.


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  • Maids February 25, 2009  

    Heart failure might one day bring down the ES blog team. Just sayin….

  • Leahsucks February 25, 2009  

    Jane Hurley has obviously never been to the Iowa State Fair.

    And who would win in the battle of glutton, chicken fried bacon or krispy kreme burger?

  • Maids February 25, 2009  

    @LS the chicken-fried bacon hands down. Once you pop I doubt you can stop

  • uninterested observer February 25, 2009  

    when you tagged this post “fowl” I think you meant to tag it “foul”

  • Michael February 25, 2009  

    oh my lord what of this abomination?

  • Rachel s February 25, 2009  

    I just forwarded this post to a friend of mine…who is probably having an inappropriate reaction of an erotic nature right about now…..

  • Yvo March 9, 2009  

    BS, if it is your intention to derail my TEMPORARY pseudo-vegetarianism, this post does a damn good job. Except it’s not available in NYC (or so the post doesn’t mention anyways) so I think I’m safe.
    I may have to stab someone for this though.

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