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– Time to crowdsource your knowledge, ESers. Janice has a question about state fair foods:

I know this may sound crazy but I have a diabetic student who is going to the State Fair of Texas next week. I want to provide her with a carb count of State Fair food so she can enjoy some unusual tastes. Does anyone know where I can get a list of the food served there with carb counts? Thanks

Any ideas? Aside from, you know, not taking a diabetic person within 10,000 feet of a state fair.

– If you missed the comments on changing food for American tastes, be sure to check out Borracho‘s link.

Do not overlook some of our great culinary adaptation in other countries: http://foodnetworkhumor.com/2009/07/mcdonalds-menu-items-from-around-the-world-40-pics/

Amazing! I think I might need to go on assignment and try all of these.

– And if you haven’t started following ES on twitter yet, get in the game — we’ve just handed out our first round of groupon winners — more to come!

(Photo: Food Network Humor)

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