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State Fair Fried Hard Boiled Egg

– Writer and state fair expert Kat Robinson emailed us to take issue with our top 10 state fair foods, noting that we neglected the Arkansas State Fair, which runs through October 17.

While shorter than some of the other fairs in our nation, many original ideas do come out of here.  For instance, this year’s preview has shown that we have two items — Deep Fried Battered Hard Boiled Eggs and Chocolate Smooches (deep fried Hershey’s Kisses) that haven’t appeared elsewhere.

Well color us corrected! And hungry for a deep fried battered hard boiled egg. Thanks for the photo, Kat. Don’t miss her full food report on the Arkansas State Fair here. Seriously check it out — barbecued rabbit sandwiches and gator on a stick — heck yeah!

– Speaking of rabbit sandwiches, everybunny loves brit’s report on butchering a whole rabbit carcass. Erica:

I sympathize with you… the first time I had to make cat food from a whole chicken… including chopping and grinding the bones themselves… let’s just say it took a year or two for the gross factor to wear off. cracking their little bones really gives you a new perspective (not that I eat meat, but… it’s still gross to flay the carcass). I like to gross out my meat eating friends!

Wait…people make cat food from whole chickens? We would like to see a full photo report on this, erica. What else are you people chopping up out there?

– Finally, Tim is not swayed by Heinz’ high-fructose-free ketchup:

It’s funny… there’s a soda I like that advertises the crap out of the fact that they use regular sugar instead of HFCS. And I suck the shit down like it’s water. And then I think about how silly it is that, somehow, products that use real sugar instead of fructose are able to jump on the healthy / local / organic bandwagon. HFCS or sugar, to me the key is moderating our enjoyment of all uber-sweet / uber-fatty delicious things. That said, I’d be happy to see our farmers grow food for eating, rather than getting gov’t subsidies to grow goo-corn for sugar and ethanol.

What do you ESers think? Would you like to see more products go HFCS-free, or is it just another passing foodie trend?

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  • erica October 8, 2010  

    mostly vegetables! yes, my cats eat raw meat! it’s kind of gross but you should see their coats and how fast Fred’s blood sugar went back to normal. um… are you SURE you want a photo essay? ’cause i need to make some this weekend and a hatchet is also involved…

  • pierre October 9, 2010  

    A fried battered hard boiled egg looks so complicate to do. But I think it’s delicious.

  • BS October 9, 2010  

    a hatchet! this is getting better and better…is this a, so amazing you have to see it thing, or a so amazing you really never should see it thing?

  • dining table October 10, 2010  

    This is actually a hit in Asia. They consider this as street food. Sometimes, they substitute quail eggs.

  • erica October 12, 2010  

    um… i’m not sure. the BLUNT, SMASHY end of the hatchet, i should specify.

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