Top 10 Cutest Food Halloween Costumes

Endless Simmer’s second favorite holiday is right around the corner (sorry, but candy or no candy, Halloween can’t compete with Turkey Day). To get us all ready for trick-or-treating, we’ll spend the next two weeks looking at the funniest/sexiest/scariest/weirdest Halloween costumes we can find —of course, they will all feature food.

Up first, for all you sickos who use Halloween only as an excuse to torture your babies/dogs/kittens, here are The Top 10 Cutest Food Halloween Costumes:

10. WonderBaby

Via: The Find

OK, it has no nutritional value, but come on, still pretty freaking cute.

9. Chef Puppy

Via: Funny Dog

I just wanna know what he’s making.

8. Peas in a Pod

via: WTF costumes

7. The Weiner Dog

Via: Doxieone

Somebody please get me out of this thing…I’ve never been so embarrassed

6. Pillsbury DoughBaby

Via: Coolest Homemade Costumes

5. Mac n’ Cheese

Via: DisneyFamily

4. Double-Stuff Oreo


ES’s own Bianca got in on the act last Halloween.

3. Spaghetti and Meatballs

via: People

2. Sushi Roll


1. Turkey Baby!

via: WTF costumes

Way to combine BOTH of our fav holidays, Turkey Baby! Just not sure why you look so scared…

Got some more greats? Be sure to send ’em our way!

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Cutest Food Halloween Costumes

  1. um, hello, chicken costume? chicken IS food. although not prepared food, so maybe it doesnt count. im just saying. bianca comes in at a close second though.

  2. Very funny! Reminds me from when I was a kid and parents made a Popcorn Machine costume for me… (Took 1st place)

  3. Totally adorable!! But just so you know the title for number 6 had a typo. It shouldn’t be DOUGboy, it should be DOUGHboy. Unless the little tykes name is Doug, then I suppose it’s okay. :-)

  4. cutest thing i have ever seen. thanks for making me smile this morning! (:

  5. I know it’s not food related but I wanted to dress my dog as an Ewok this year. So I Google’d dog ewok costume and got this: and realized despite what everyone says, my dog does NOT look that much like an Ewok.
    BTW, any of you watch The Office? Did you watch last week’s episode with Angela and Andy? Yeah… that last pic reminds me of that.

  6. My fav is the Oreo Kitty, reminds me of Princess Chunk. But how would you dunk the chunk??
    Great Photos!!
    Also like the chef in the kitchen, very clever ideas!!

  7. My fav is the Oreo Kitty, reminds me of Princess Chunk.
    So how do you dunk the chunk??
    Also like Chef Puppy.
    …… all were very clever ideas and great photos

  8. I am prejudiced but the doxie in the hot dog outfit is the cutest, IMHO….. (he’s our Teddy)…. but if I were to comment on another photo (don’t tell Teddy!) I would have to say I luv the spagetti dog. But… I would appreciate any help I can get with feeding our dogs, so am wondering if Chef Puppy offers a catering service.

  9. How is it that no one has commented on that insanely giant golden retriever…that is the biggest golden I have ever seen!!! Surely that is photo-shopped or something?!

  10. omg! That is my da’s best friend’s dog (chef dog) Trace!
    He has the original picture hanging in his kitchen! wow…

  11. chicken baby is the best and cutest…but would be hard to carry her around…spaghetti and meatballs next…all cute!!!

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