Top 10 Sexiest Food Halloween Costumes

We’ve already covered people who use Halloween as an excuse to embarrass themselves (or their children). But some folks use the holiday for a much more practical purpose: Getting laid. You know who I’m talking about. Those usually uptight types who interpret Halloween costumes as a reason to get half naked in public. And if you can incorporate food into it, you’ve won my heart. So take a look at the Top 10 Sexiest Food Halloween Costumes:

10. The Sexy Chef

Via: Costume Shopper

A slutty classic.

9. Dirty Martini

Via: Inventor Spot

Points for the details, right down to the pimento nipples.

8. Banana Au Naturale

Via: Hub Pages

Come on now, I am pretty sure this one is meant to be worn with clothes on.

7. Dirty Fast Food Attendant

Via: Zoogster Costumes

Love that this one comes complete with a coupon book. WTF?

6. Duff Man!

Via: Inventor Spot

5. Sexy Pineapple

Via: Top Costumes

– Don’t worry dad, I’m just going as a pineapple this year.

– Oh good, that doesn’t sound slutty at all.

– Wanna bet?

4. Pizza Belt

via: WTF costumes

3. Hot Hamburger


Makin’ the cheeseburger cute again.

2. Pine Nut Crusted Woman


Pine Nuts! Holy crap! Foodiest slut costume ever. Excuse me while I go on a mission quest to find this woman.

1. Slutty Pumpkin

Via: The Daily Green

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