Top 10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes


I cannot think of a worse Halloween costume than dressing up entirely in different cuts of meat. If the prospect of spreading salmonella, e. coli and other diseases around you isn’t enough, try fending off all the small critters. Wait a second…this isn’t a costume? Someone actually wore this for real? And to top it off, a group of butchers has actually warned the public about trying to┬áduplicate it this Halloween? OK, so maybe pass on the GaGa-influenced meat outfits. But in that spirit, here are 10 more foodie Halloween costumes we hope no one will duplicate this year.

10. Bacon Tuxedo


“We’ll force a half-smile as long as your promise not to show these to anyone, Mom.”

9. Sandwich Girl


“I said I wanted to be a princess, a ballerina or a witch but a sandwich? Seriously Mom, WTF?

8. Vanilla Bean


Who doesn’t want to pay $109 to look like a decayed banana?

7. Cheesy Couple


Be extremely careful when standing near any heat sources. Nobody wants to explain third degree burns caused by pasteurized cheese product and plastic wrapping.

6. Waffle Man


There are dozens of costumes out there featuring this guy, but the bad graphics, poorly cut photo and unappealing butter/syrup combo helped this costume make the list.

5. Broccoli Roberta


Many kids are scared of broccoli, but now many adults will be too.

4. Mushroom


No matter how many times you explain that you’re dressed like a mushroom, expect people to call you Richard all night.

3. Taco Bell Hot Sauces


Pretty original, but a little odd that they probably spent a few hours writing the ingredient lists across their crotches.

2. Ronald McDonald 2.0


How do you cure childhood obesity? Put a McD’s employee dressed like this under all the Golden Arches to welcome customers.

And the Winner is………………

1. Giant Scary Hot Dog!


There are dozens of hot dog costumes floating around, but this is by far the creepiest wiener ever. His eyes see into my soul.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes

  1. I love the taco bell hot sauce packets and would have been that for halloween had I thought of it.

  2. aw I think sandwich girl is cute. I def would have rocked that as a kid (or now.) Broccoli Roberta, however, is indefensible.

  3. Worst? 100% of these costumes are hilarious. The vanilla bean’s kinda stupid, but gets by on being totally random. Waffle Man wins for being the #1 creep in the best possible way. Sandwich girl is adorable. HAHAHA, god, I’m still processing this and I love them all.

  4. Love the cheesy couple but I believe it would have to start to smell.

  5. Is it wrong to admit that my husband and I were going to go as the cheesy couple? Here’s the difference: we didn’t need to wear anything special for people to get who we were supposed to be.

    “Richard” the mushroom would be especially bad if it’s partner was cream sauce.

  6. @Dan-Love that you are doing the broccoli costume- Any interest in providing a pic to the ES crew if it all turns out well?

  7. The hot sauces were definitely creative! And you’re right, that hot dog is majorly creepy.

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