Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes

We’ve done cute, weird, and sexy, but now it’s time to talk about the very best type of Halloween costume: Punny! You know, the type that makes you really proud of yourself but just makes others say “Oh, I get it” and not laugh. Pun costumes!

To make it even more fun, I’m not gonna tell you what the puns are. Ya’ll gotta figure it our yourselves. Your only clue is that they all have something to do with some kind of food. So here are the Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes. Guess away!


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28 thoughts on “Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes

  1. Well, it might be my not growing up in this country, but I think I only got a few of those. Please take me out of my misery and give me captions!

  2. Thanks for the captions, I would never have gotten #3. but hey, no Mr. Smarty Pants? A geeky t-shirt and mortarboard with a Smarties candy tassel, then glue Smarties candies all over your pants.

  3. I’m going to help some of y’all out:
    10) Black-Eyed Pea
    9) Couch Potato
    8) ??
    7)Deviled Eggs
    6) Pigs in a Blanket
    5) ??
    4) Mr. Smarty Pants ( i think)
    3) Green Pea?
    2) Orange Juice/Jews
    1)Chicken Cordon Bleu/Blue

  4. 3) ?
    4) Cereal killer/serial killer
    5) Dunkin Donuts
    8) Bun in the oven

  5. just put your cursor over the pictures and it tells you what most of them are. the blue one is “fried chicken” according to the naem of the picture. theres a cord around her neck.
    3 is “i come in peace (peas)”
    5 dunkin donuts
    8 bun in the oven

  6. i know them all. let me help.
    10. black eyed pea
    9.couch potato
    8.bun in the oven
    7.deviled egg
    6.pigs in a blanket
    5.dunkin’ donuts
    4.cereal killer
    3.i come in peas jews
    1. chicken gordon blue
    # 1 could also be used as avian flue, which is basically the same concept, except instead of a blue face, have it green, and tape or carry a thermometer near the mouth, and have an ice pack on the head. And DONT carry around the dish.

  7. Where on earth did you find that picture, that is me in my black eyed pea costume 4 years ago? so random coming across it

  8. The first is a black eyed Pea… lol. Two is a couch potato, three is a bun in the oven as in pregnant. :) hope this helps guys. lol

  9. HEY! That’s my son in the Deviled Egg costume! I am so flattered that he is featured here! My daughter found it while looking through the costumes.

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