Top 10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes


I cannot think of a worse Halloween costume than dressing up entirely in different cuts of meat. If the prospect of spreading salmonella, e. coli and other diseases around you isn’t enough, try fending off all the small critters. Wait a second…this isn’t a costume? Someone actually wore this for real? And to top it off, a group of butchers has actually warned the public about trying to┬áduplicate it this Halloween? OK, so maybe pass on the GaGa-influenced meat outfits. But in that spirit, here are 10 more foodie Halloween costumes we hope no one will duplicate this year.

10. Bacon Tuxedo


“We’ll force a half-smile as long as your promise not to show these to anyone, Mom.”

9. Sandwich Girl


“I said I wanted to be a princess, a ballerina or a witch but a sandwich? Seriously Mom, WTF?

8. Vanilla Bean


Who doesn’t want to pay $109 to look like a decayed banana?

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Food Costumes Gone Famous


MMM…Kelly Osbourne never looked so delicious.

Send us your food inspired Halloween costumes.

pic: Jezebel

Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes

We’ve done cute, weird, and sexy, but now it’s time to talk about the very best type of Halloween costume: Punny! You know, the type that makes you really proud of yourself but just makes others say “Oh, I get it” and not laugh. Pun costumes!

To make it even more fun, I’m not gonna tell you what the puns are. Ya’ll gotta figure it our yourselves. Your only clue is that they all have something to do with some kind of food. So here are the Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes. Guess away!


Via: Starfirerapture




Via: PrankPlace


Via: Coolest Homemande Costumes

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Top 10 Sexiest Food Halloween Costumes

We’ve already covered people who use Halloween as an excuse to embarrass themselves (or their children). But some folks use the holiday for a much more practical purpose: Getting laid. You know who I’m talking about. Those usually uptight types who interpret Halloween costumes as a reason to get half naked in public. And if you can incorporate food into it, you’ve won my heart. So take a look at the Top 10 Sexiest Food Halloween Costumes:

10. The Sexy Chef

Via: Costume Shopper

A slutty classic.

9. Dirty Martini

Via: Inventor Spot

Points for the details, right down to the pimento nipples.

8. Banana Au Naturale

Via: Hub Pages

Come on now, I am pretty sure this one is meant to be worn with clothes on.

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Top 10 Weirdest Food Halloween Costumes

We kicked the week off by looking at the top ten cutest food halloween costumes, but for some of you (and us) baby-less, pet-less people, Halloween is less about embarrassing your tiny loved ones, and more about letting your own freak flag fly sky-high. So today, here’s a look at the Top Ten Weirdest Food Halloween Costumes:

10. Real Life Ramen

Via: WTF Costumes

Who does this? And where is the lime-chili shrimp flavor?

9. The T-Boner


The most amazing thing about this ad is that they got the guy to actually pose just as douchebaggy as you would expect someone who bought this costume to look. They say it’s hard to screw up steak, but…well done.

8. Giant Furry Cupcake

Via: Myspace

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