Time for Some Foodie Halloween Costumes


What are all you ESers dressing as for Halloween this year? Need some inspiration? Check out our compilations of the very best in food halloween costumes.

top 10 cute food halloween costumes

top 10 weird food halloween costumes

top 10 sexy food halloween costumes

top 10 food pun halloween costumes

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  • Liza October 11, 2010  

    My baby is so beautiful as a double stuffed oreo!!! Thank you for featuring her!

  • mariah carey October 11, 2010  

    Agreed! I would also like to see more pics of BIanca in ALL her glory!

  • OMGYEAHYOUKNOWME October 12, 2010  

    a tea bag

  • BS October 12, 2010  

    @OMGYEAHYOUKNOWME (and others) — I forgot to say — you better send us pics of your food- and drink- related costumes!

  • Harper October 14, 2010  

    oh c’mon – you know Bianca’s more of 2 double-stuffed oreos stuck together…
    I vote for a bag of Jet-Puffed marshmallows next year 😉

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