Parsnips are the New Prozac


I’m cranky. Yea, I’m cranky. That’s what it is. It’s been a cold (but, I have to admit, awesomely snowy) winter. And a long winter. It’s March and I’m still cold.

I haven’t cooked anything worth a fucking dime. And I hate that expression. But it’s true. Sure, I’ve discovered cottage cheese and smoked whitefish, but then what?


I need the summer’s farmers market. I need to be surrounded with tomatoes and eggplants and zucchinis. I need spring.

While the warmth won’t be coming for many more weeks, I did find something to keep me happy about the abundance of root vegetables. And it was at my neighborhood pizza place. I know, weird.

Under fairly-new ownership, Radius has begun to change their menu (tip via Amy Cavanaugh) to reflect the seasons. I’ve always wanted to try to make a butternut squash pizza, but they one-upped me and created:

celery root puree, toasted pine nuts, parsnips, feta

And as I ran into Katie from We Love DC, we hoped this pie also had mozzarella, which would be the “silent, understood” ingredient in any pizza. It was true. This white pizza contained mozz.

The pizza had a lovely sweetness, the kind that can only yield from something natural. Not like adding Splenda to coffee. Unfortunately, the pine nuts were mostly absent from my bites, but the overall pizza felt warm and filling, but still pleasantly greasy like its cheese-and-marinara cousin.

I’m hoping this catches on and pizza toppings will better reflect their growing climate.  Even better, this has inspired me to leave my toasty apartment and try on that winter farmers market only 2 miles away. I will see you on Sunday, Dupont Circle and I’m bringing my Tupperware.

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  • westcoast March 5, 2010  

    I think the feta sealed the deal for you. Why don’t we make a butt squash pizza? What are we waiting for? And you are going to Dupont without coordinating that trip conmigo? Was it the ABP comment?

  • BS March 5, 2010  

    I have never, ever heard of celery root on pizza…but where is this puree? Is it under the mozz? like instead of sauce?

  • gansie March 5, 2010  

    i’ll call with FM visit specifics and a big Y-E-S to the bnut squash pizza making.

    yea, the puree acted as a sub for the sauce – under the cheese. fucking A that pizza was good. very excited for my leftovers!

  • 80 Proof March 5, 2010  

    I’m just happy that 4 slices of this made it back to my apt.

  • erica March 5, 2010  

    if i use “a lovely sweetness, the kind that can only yield from something natural”, in a song ever, or a paraphrase thereof, i will give you credit. what a lovely sentence 🙂

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