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Look What the March Brought In

Posted by on March 8 2010 in Celebs, Photos, Veggie

I actually went through with it. I proclaimed that I would get my (hungover) ass to the Dupont Farmers Market and with a few nudging texts from friend, westcoast, I made it. What I didn’t realize during my original proclamation was that it would be stinkin beautiful in DC and all of the hibernating foodies in the city would also make the trek to the market. That wouldn’t have been an issue had we not arrived at the market only 30 minutes before closing. (One day I will start a farmers market that opens at 11 am and closes at 4 pm.)

Here’s what March looks like at the farmers market.

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 6 -- edited (500 x 497)

Celeb sighting! Recent James Beard Award nominee for Outstanding Chef, Jose Andres of Minibar, also hits up the late-shift at the market.

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 9 -- edited (500 x 282)

I’ve been wondering what I’d find in early March. We’re about 6 weeks from the first asparagus stalks and ramps, right? So here we are with months-old apples. I tried a sample slice: sweet, juicy and a tinge mealy. We didn’t buy any.

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 4 (500 x 332)

There were sweet potatoes.

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 3 (500 x 332)

Lots and lots of sweet potatoes.

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 5 (500 x 332)

In front of The Copper Pot’s stand, we also ran into Sweetgreen owner Nicolas Jammet and PR exec Dusty Lockhart (and her baby Porter. She’s married to Mr. Copper Pot.)

You may remember Sweetgreen as listed in last week’s post, Burns My Bacon: Never-Ending Salad Ingredients, as one of the many salad places to open recently. You may also remember that I had such lovely things to say about salad bars. But seriously, Sweetgreen is fab. I was being dramatic. You know. I’m a blogger. I have to think of a million things to write about every week. Thanks for being so nice to me when I was bitching about your awesomely fresh salad ingredient options.


Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 2 (500 x 332)

I didn’t buy any of what I’d consider spring greens grown in a greenhouse. To spite myself, I instead bought a limp, kinda wilty bunch of rainbow stemmed swiss chard. With an easy “And how much are you charging for this?” I got the greens for a buck!

Dupont Farmer's Market 2010 7 (500 x 332)

Unfortunately, parsnips, the trigger for my farmers market run, were all picked through by my late arrival. I didn’t even bother bargaining for a better price for these sad looking root vegetables. Here’s hopping for another warm weekend and a less hungover Sunday morning.

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  1. Aaxxx permalink
    March 11, 2010

    Jose Andres is sexy; something about that windbreaker… Damn Jose lookin thick and fine as he wanna be!

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