Market Style: Pimping the Plastic


Nope, as far as I know credit cards still aren’t accepted at the farmers market (pictured here: Dupont Circle). But an even sexier plastic is encouraged: tupperware.

This week I was stumbling around, trying to select the perfect 2-inch okra, while balancing another 10 okra (what’s the plural of okra?) in my not very large hands. It was an ugly scene. Forget about grabbing that golden tomato across the next aisle—no way that could survive in the makeshift basket between my wrist and elbow. And then I saw genius.

A woman grabbed a bunch of green beans and dropped them in her tupperware. She then dropped another handful in AND grabbed that last-of-the-season, golden tomato. My mouth dropped.

Instantly I grabbed my iPhone and asked if I could photograph her plastic. She backed away from the scale, but the foxy market attendant faux-humbly asked if I wanted him to slide in for the picture.

This saves plastic bags, lets the farmers keep their cardboard cartons (ie, for berries) and keeps smashable fruit from surrendering to the heavier contents of the rest of the market purchases. I know I always forget about the grape tomatoes in the bottom of my tote; there’s always a few that burst from the pressure of the heavier peaches on top.

Forget those spotted on-the-go, street-style fashion columns, here’s market style.

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  • BS October 6, 2009  

    Great eco-idea – but if you’ll allow me to be the cheapskate here for a second (surprise) — she’s paying the foxy farmer for her own plastic! Wouldn’t you want to weight the veggies before putting them in your container? That looks like it costs a good few cents!

  • Britannia October 6, 2009  

    @BS, totally agree. He could at least reset the scales with just the plastic, its paying for a few beans worth- valuable!

    Also, both the Foggy Bottom and White House farmers market’s accept credit cards, at least the vendors I go to.

  • R October 7, 2009  

    FYI – the plastic is definitely weighted first then subtracted from the total. It was probably just for picture posing!

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