The Snow Five


It’s funny in DC. People are freaking the fuck out about this snow. Granted, local weather makers claim this “snowmageddon” will be historic with accumulation reaching two feet. And in dorky DC fashion, there’s even the self-important, self-deprecating website: Snowpocalypse.

Well, to be fair, a plain clothes-ed cop whipped out his gun at a snow ball fight last time we found flakes falling from the sky.

Anyway, 80 and I were contemplating our needs for a possible (and historic for us!) second grocery store run of the week. I thought about what my cravings would be over a weekend of drinking and sledding. And that’s when I knew I could survive on 5 things.

Sure, I didn’t want to and 80 and I both ended up venturing to the store. He bought milk, bagels, beer and wine. I bought two sweet potatoes, two buttercup squashes, a pound of mixed, salted nuts and a crate of clementines. But all I really needed was…

The Snow Five

1) Eggs
2) Bagels
3) Cream Cheese
4) Potato Chips
5) Coke

What’s your Snow Five?

(Pic: Brittney Bush)

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  • BS February 5, 2010  

    1) Bread
    2) Cheese
    3) Pasta
    4) Truffle Oil
    5) Ice Cream

  • Nicholas February 5, 2010  

    PB and rice… that is all.

  • 80 Proof February 5, 2010  

    1) Cereal
    2) Milk
    3) Order 3 pizzas, for reheating
    4) Beer/Bourbon
    5) Coke

  • Nee Nee February 5, 2010  

    1. Beer
    2. Tortilla chips
    3. Pasta
    4. Cheese
    5. Bacon

  • ML February 5, 2010  

    1) Vodka
    2) Soup ingredients
    3) Cheese

  • westcoast February 5, 2010  

    1. BUTTER
    2. Eggs
    3. Flour
    4. Salt
    5. Sugar

  • gansie February 5, 2010  

    @BS – truffle oil. you’ve been a food blogger for waaaay too long

    @westcoast – would that be for cookie dough?

  • Liza February 5, 2010  

    (and lots of spices)

  • Liza February 5, 2010  

    oh and a CO2 tank for my soda stream – must have fizzy water

  • BS February 5, 2010  

    @gansie – gotta be prepared. what if you’re snowed in and your dinner doesn’t taste rich and earthy enough? my personal nightmare.

    ps – how can it be that NY is slated for 3 to 6 inches and you guys are getting half the north pole?

  • Nick February 5, 2010  

    In a very particular order.

    1) whiskey
    2) beer
    3) cheese
    4) popcorn
    5) Pirates Booty

  • erica February 5, 2010  


    (my cupboard is full of dried beans and grains already. without onions and potatos life is pointless. without tempeh i wouldn’t want to live 😀 )

  • dad gansie February 5, 2010  

    Wife gansie to help shovel then go sledding
    with three & 1/2 refRigs I’m pretty well stocked
    made plenty of soup yesterday , bought 1.5 lbs salmon
    have veggies and spuds
    enough spurts too

    so…. Monday or tuesday I’ll have to say what I should have gotten for the storm and have it in house next time

    becareful with the crazy snows coming

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