Super Bowl Grub: Pub Food Triple Play

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of bar food, my waistline can attest to that. However, the biggest conundrum I encounter when I find myself seated atop a bar stool with a pint of beer is what to order — there really are so many great choices. Chicken tenders, nachos, potato skins, how to choose!

From time to time I’ll have a light bulb moment and with what I’m about to tell you is, I think, one of my best light bulb moments ever, and just in time for the Super Bowl.

Potato skins loaded with nachos and topped with chicken tenders. Incredible.

Read on for the recipe.

The dish was pretty simple:

Bake a few potatoes, scoop out most of the potato filling and set aside for another use.

While those are baking, cut up a few pieces of chicken breast, marinate them in bbq sauce and bread in panko crumbs with a pinch of red pepper flakes, then shallow fry them.

Then we just stuff the potatoes with nacho chips, jalapeno peppers and grated cheddar, top each with a few slices of the chicken and more cheddar, and bake for about 10 minutes.

Anyone who is a fan of bar food will love these — simple to make and certainly a crowd pleaser.

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  • belmontmedina February 3, 2011  


    PS if you ask nicely, commissary will top your loaded baked/smashed potato with chicken tenders. they will look strangely at you, but they’ll make it happen. or so i’ve heard.

  • BS February 3, 2011  

    this is pretty much just pure genius, and needs to be added to every bar menu, stat.

  • dan February 3, 2011  

    Amazing… but ummmmm you’ve made a huge mistake by not making the tenders buffalo!

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