Top 10 Halloween Cocktails

It’s not really the costumes. It’s not even the candy. The real reason we love Halloween—it’s another excuse to get drunk. Here are some ideas for scary, beautiful and tasty libations.


10. Brain Hemorrhage

Who knew Bailey’s actually had a purpose in life? [TangoPango]


9. Bloody Apple Cranberry Cocktail

Apple cider and apple vodka up the seasonal quotient. [The Cooking Photographer]


8. Blood Drip Vampire Style Martini

Making this blood is as easy as candy. Wait, that’s not the saying. [Hostess with the Mostess]


7. Witches Brew

Although it’s a virgin drink, it still contains a beating heart (red heart-shaped Runts). [Fahrenheit350]


6. A “Killer” Whiskey Cocktail

Don’t be intimidated by the calamansi usage, feel free to sub with the citrus of your choice. [Tokyo Terrace]


5. Black Widow

Do you think spiders taste just as nasty as black licorice? [Talk of Tomatoes]


4. Satan’s Whiskers

Invoke Dante and Virgil for an extra classy Halloween. [Sloshed!]


3. Eyeball-tinis

Radishes are the trick for these blood-shot eyes. [Culinary Sherpas]


2. Poison Apple Punch

Another virgin drink, this ginger beer and apple juice creation surely wouldn’t mind a few splashes of spiced rum. [12 Bottle Bar]


1. Creepy Bubble Halloween Cocktails

Tapioca is pretty creepy. [Dabbled]

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Halloween Cocktails

  1. loved seeing the roundup! Am a big fan of haunted cocktails! This year: make my own labels to attach to wine bottles…

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