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Never let it be said that Endless Simmer’s stories don’t have staying power.  Almost a full year after our Top 10 Food Pun Halloween Costumes post ran, Skye recognized himself in one of the photos:

Where on earth did you find that picture, that is me in my black eyed pea costume 4 years ago? so random coming across it

Meanwhile, nobody was scared off by the thought of blood sausages, but Jason Sandeman illustrated that old-as-the-hills saying: “Never send an Englishman to buy your French meats.”

I once ordered these sausages by mistake from the butcher due to my heavy English accent. I tried ordering “Bidene de porc” but it came out as “Boudaine de Porc”. So I recieved this huge 5 kilogram sausage coil. Good times.

Have a happy Halloween from everyone at ES!

(Photo: Overduebook)

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  • Jason Sandeman October 30, 2009  

    LOL. Good thing the butcher understood that I made a mistake or…

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