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– 57 percent of ESers just say no to breast milk cheese. But Dan brings up a good question:

Is breast milk cheese vegan? since no animals are kept against free will and all. I see a huge moneymaking idea.

While Summer just wonders where they’re getting all that milk to begin with:

I nursed my son for 18 months, and pumped every once in a while, and OMG pumping is NOT EASY. I know very few women who were able to pump a lot of milk, and “a lot” means more than 6 oz. per pumping session. I considered the stuff to be liquid gold… no way was I going to waste it on grown-ups! Unless his wife has a freakish oversupply, I just don’t get it.

Nora checks in with some more advice on how to cook a peking duck:

I work for a duck company located in Indiana. We supply boneless Pekin duck breasts to restaurants and grocery stores across the US. A single boneless Pekin duck breast can weigh from 4 oz to 8 oz. I have never seen the cut of meat you showed in your photo. No wonder you had so much fat. (Pekin duck is a breed, Peking duck is a method of cooking.)

Ducks aren’t just waterproof turkeys or chickens. They are waterfowl, so their skin is different. All the fat on a duck is located right under the skin, which is why it’s important to render the fat off. Plus, duck is a red meat, unlike other poultry.

By the way, that duck fat you rendered out is liquid gold! It goes for a high price and is excellent for sauteing potatoes, vegetables and even eggs.

Contact ES  if you’re interested in buying some liquid gold!

Finally, our good friend Eick continues the RC Cola revelations:

Count me in the contingent of those who think RC Cola is superior to both Coke and Pepsi. Delicious.

We seriously had no idea. Look for further ES research into this developing topic in the near future.

(Photo: Alice Chaos)

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