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– 57 percent of ESers just say no to breast milk cheese. But Dan brings up a good question:

Is breast milk cheese vegan? since no animals are kept against free will and all. I see a huge moneymaking idea.

While Summer just wonders where they’re getting all that milk to begin with:

I nursed my son for 18 months, and pumped every once in a while, and OMG pumping is NOT EASY. I know very few women who were able to pump a lot of milk, and “a lot” means more than 6 oz. per pumping session. I considered the stuff to be liquid gold… no way was I going to waste it on grown-ups! Unless his wife has a freakish oversupply, I just don’t get it.

Nora checks in with some more advice on how to cook a peking duck:

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Duck, Duck, Duck…Peking


Last year I made a purchase which I consider to be the best investment my kitchen has seen: a slow cooker. This slow cooker wasn’t just any purchase, it was actually a birthday present for the BF. I’m smart like that.

I grew up eating a lot of meals from a crock pot. They weren’t incredibly creative meals, you know, the typical stew and vegetable type of dishes. This led me to be a little skeptical of what can be made from a slow cooker, but the BF had mentioned it recently so I figured it was worth a shot.

Over the months we’ve Deej has made some pretty impressive meals in that slow cooker: chicken korma, beef wellington and bolognese, to name a few. The best part being that these dishes are incredibly easy and there are always leftovers.

Being the real chef in the relationship, I’ve taken back the reins of the slow cooker. I’ve even recently joined a meat CSA. Yes, that’s right. A box full of meat.

A farmer, from the depths of PA, delivers meat frozen-fresh from his farm. I got a little carried away on my first purchase, ordering 19lbs of meat. Eeek.

One of the food items I ordered was duck breast. Not having cooked duck before, I wasn’t sure what to do. But after a little research it seemed that Peking style was the safest dish to try.

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