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Dr Pepper

If you’ve been to any hipster-affected Mexican restaurants in the past five years, you know all about the phenomenon of “Mexican Coke.” Imported from south of the border, Coke bottled in Mexico (and many other countries) is made with real cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and thus tastes, well, a little bit more like there’s real food in it than regular Coke does. While no one drinks Coca-Cola for its healthful properties, it’s hard not to agree that the natural-sugar stuff is tastier. But did you know there’s also a “Mexican” Dr. Pepper, and that it can be had without going (quite) all the way to Mexico?

You see, when the soft drink industry switched to HFCS in the 1970s, one bottler in Dublin, Texas stood their sugary ground and kept making Dr. P with the natural stuff. Fast forward four decades and “Dublin Dr. Pepper” had become a local Texas institution. DP aficionados flocked from all over to sample the stuff, enthusiasts even began trading it over the Internet, and Dublin Dr. Pepper began distributing it further afield.

When the behemoth corporation that owns Dr. Pepper found out, they wisely capitalized on people’s passion for real-sugar soda and started distributing the good stuff all over the country, even though it costs them an extra few cents per can to make. Ha! I’m just kidding of course. They shut that shit down. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (a name that just conjures up some kind of vomit-y sorority party jungle juice mix) sued Dublin Dr. Pepper for distributing their sugary soda and taking business away from other bottlers, who didn’t want to have to compete with the superior product.

The result: Today, the “Dublin Dr. Pepper” company no longer is allowed to make Dr. P, instead launching their own line of new sodas. And you won’t find sugar-sweetened Dr. Pepper popping up near you anytime soon. However, because the good drinkers of central Texas were already addicted to the real stuff, the Dr. Pepper Snapple group does make small batches of sugary DP  (now without the “Dublin” label) strictly available only in that area. So if you happen to be driving through Dublin, Texas — conveniently located not really near anything at all — you can pop into a gas station, as I did recently, enjoy a small glass bottle of sugary Dr. Pepper, and dream about a day when American food is made from real food again.

In-Depth: R.I.P. DP, 1891 – 2012 [Texas Monthly]

Endless Road Trip Germany: Capri-Sonne, Anyone?

Not soon after I made a joke about not being able to funnel vodka into a Capri Sun, I found myself in Cologne, Germany at BackWerk (which I was disappointed to find out  means “bake and take”)  looking at all the drink options to accompany my sandwich. I spotted a Capri-Sonne with the words “cola mix” and a photo of a a sea of soda with a lemon raft. LEMON SODA CAPRI SUN? Sign me the fuck up.

As I sat on our American flag blanket and consumed what I thought would be a delicious treat, I realized that, unfortunately, the words I neglected were “koffeinfrei” and “ohne kohlensäure.” Caffeine free. Without carbonation. We can probably all agree that Germans are strange, but why why WHY would anyone want to drink COMPLETELY flat lemony soda, out of a foil packet, that won’t even increase alertness? This wouldn’t fly in America (how many times have you heard someone at a restaurant/bar complain about the level of carbonation in their drink?) but as I thought about it more, I realized the Germans are on to something.

Cola Mix Capri Sonne and Rum? A portable, low sugar cocktail with no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives that won’t fill you up or keep you up at night but WILL get you drunk? Like I needed another way to consume alcohol in Germany.

Attack of the Oreo…Cocktails!

I’ve never been one of those people who can’t say no.  I have no problem saying it.


{In school}

Can you copy my test? I think not.

Lunch money?  Ain’t got none (clearly our school system is failing).


{As an adult}

Need help moving?  I’m busy that day.

Oh, I also can’t help you paint your house.  I got a thing.

Yeah, I can’t babysit your kid ’cause I don’t wanna.

Your birthday is coming up?  I’m no good at cakes.

Also, I have given to a charity already this year, so not today, seedy people who approach me at the gas station.


Yeah, there’s a lot more stuff to say no to as an adult. But, when your co-worker of 5-plus years asks you to make some of your “very delicious Oreo truffles, pleeeaaasse” for her son’s wedding on a budget…sometimes you gotta suck it up and say yes.

Months go by and I’m dreading it and dreading it. Ugh.  Today is the day. OK, so I’m gearing up to make a million truffles, but clearly I need to make a stop at the liquor store to get through this madness.  I texted my brother updating him on my situation.  Then he said the best thing ever.

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Cocktail O’Clock: Mango Coconut Mojito

I am not, nor have I ever been, a bartender.  I love mixed drinks, though.  And I’m super cheap, so I would much rather make drinks at home than pay upwards of $8 a glass on a super-sugary and not-alcoholic-enough drink.

Now, I promised myself a while back that I would not buy any more coconut rum because it’s too easy to consume in mass quantities and regret it later.  Buuuttt…I guess I break promises.

So, here’s a tropical drink to rock your socks.

Coconut Mango Mojito

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Dirty Pirate Popsicles

We have thing for getting sideways with classic cocktails and then turning them into poptails. This week the classic rum and coke has been flipped to a Dirty Pirate.

That’s rum and coke with a some Kahlua. While we’d love to take credit for this awesomely name cocktail, we can’t, but we are taking credit for turning it into poptail ,at the suggestion of a co-worker.

Pirates, Coke and booze, yeah, Wednesday is getting better already. And just in case you need a variation, replace the Kahlua with peach schnapps for a Dirty Pirate Hooker.

Play nice and play safe. Happy Pirating this Wednesday.

Dirty Pirate Popsicle

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Cocktail O’Clock: Rum ‘n’ Coke ‘n’ Cream

With summer coming to an unofficial close this weekend we’ve decided to make one more ice cream cocktail.

We’ve done beer and bourbon with ice cream, vodka and root beer with ice cream, even champagne with sorbet. So why not rum and ice cream?

Even better, this one’s a one-two-three cocktail recipe that’s easy enough for lazy labor day drinks.

Spider Cocktail

2 parts Sailor Jerry Rum
1 scoop (vanilla) ice cream

Method: add rum to a highball glass full of ice, drop in a scoop of ice cream and top with cola. Have a straw on hand for overflow.

Find more summer cocktail ideas in Endless Cocktails.


Cocktail O’Clock: Shibuya Shake

Any drink that combines the exotic (shiso leaf), the extravagant (St. Germain) and the just plain silly (Squirt!) is an A-OK drink as far as we’re concerned.

This one comes from the just-opened Jasper’s Corner Tap and Kitchen in San Francisco. If you don’t have a Japanese grocer around the corner, we’re pretty sure it would work with a couple basil leaves instead of the shiso. Pretty sure the Squirt is essential though.

Shibuya Shake

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