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RC Cola

– Is angry the new cute? With over 600 votes already cast in our cutest eater contest, Victoria (this does not look like what I ordered!) is in the lead with 15 percent of the vote. Although with the ballot box open until next Friday, it’s still any baby’s game.

westcoast dares to disagree with gansie on never-ending salad bars:

This is dangerous territory you have embarked on here…fighting words. Now, I will admit, finding a combination of flavor that works at these places is a bit tiresome and sometimes expensive, but here’s where I have ended up — spinach, smoked tofu (Chopt’s smoked tofu is ridiculously good), fried onions OR chinese noodles, any cheese OR no cheese, walnuts, apples, jalepenos, and radishes. Now does that sound good? Not really. But does it taste good? At least three days a week.

Are you able to handle the never-ending salad bar? What’s your go-to mix? Feed us back.

– Meanwhile, jamesdamian has had just about enough of this RC Cola bashing:

RC Cola is a far superior soda to Coke & Pepsi. Just because it doesn’t have the market share that large multi-nationals have does not make it low class. Snob, indeed.

Gotta say I’m surprised. Are there other closet RC lovers out there? And why are there so many photos on the web of people wearing RC Cola on their heads? So many questions…

(Photo: Brent)

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