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I’ve probably gone to my local farmer’s market about 5 or 6 times this summer and every fucking time – they’re out of arugula. Not that I have such an allegiance to the peppery green, it’s just that it’s something my local food store doesn’t sell. Regardless, maybe it was the holiday weekend, maybe it was the fact that I got my ass out of bed at a reasonable hour, but I finally bought my arugula – a whole pound of it.

The farmer/seller said it would last until about Thursday or Friday, so I have to think of ways to incorporate it into almost every meal – which should be a delightful burden.

Goat Cheese, Avocado and Arugula Omlette

I guess it’s a product of living in a string of places without a dishwasher, but I usually just crack 2 eggs right into the hot, buttered pan and kinda stir them up in there, before I let them set. I know, I know, I should probably whisk them in a separate bowl first. Oh, and I am no omlette expert: I just take a spatula and go around the sides of the pan, and then I twist the pan to let the not set parts hit the hot sides of the pan, and then just keep doing that over and over until the middle is set. But you should probably follow Jacques’ instructions. Then I add the fillings.

I threw in about 1 T of roasted garlic herbed goat cheese, on top of that, about 3 chunky slices of avocado and on top of that, a handful of arugula. Then I try as best as possible to slide that on to a plate and then flip over the other side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Serve with slices of salt and peppered tomato (I think tomato works best on the side of an omlette because the tomato can make the egg quite juicy and runny and sloppy) and a few slices of a buttered baguette.

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  • BS September 2, 2007  

    are you adding avocado to everything just so it can be the biggest category on this blog?

  • Maureen September 6, 2007  

    Here are eight great arugula recipes!!

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