I Have a Cream


As one of our great family-style meals at our endless simmer beach vacation a week ago, a trio of us whipped up an Italian feast that would make our gorgeous contest winner look downright everyday.

In addition to Thresher’s fried green eggplant and our pal Jerry’s amazing marinara sauce, we made some garlic bread and bruschetta, and I went for it and made the most fattening food in the world, alfredo sauce.

I’ve been fooling around with different varieties of cream sauce for awhile now, trying to find the best combination of dairy, dairy and dairy. It’s harder than it sounds!

I’m not gonna say it’s perfect-perfect yet, but I’m pretty happy with my current recipe – and you can be too, after the jump.

Put a saucepan over low heat. Patience is key here – I usually like to blast the heat up and cook things as high as possible, but I find with cream sauce it works best to keep it on low for the entire time and let those fats really simmer their way together.

Start with one Paula Deen (a stick of butter). Melt it on the low heat, and add three cloves of diced garlic and two diced shallots. Of course, up the garlic if that is your wont. I’d never criticize someone for using too much g, but usually I just chop til I gt tired of it.

Just sweat out the garlic and onions – cook them on low for five mins or so – just to bring the flavors out, but don’t let them get brown at all or it will ruin your milky white appearance in the end.

Add two cups of heavy cream and keep cooking until it thickens up a bit – about 20 mins.

Turn off the heat and add in two cups of finely grated parm cheese. Stir it up just a bit – your sauce should be hot enough by this point that it dissolves into the cream quickly, no need to keep cooking.

Let sit for four minutes to thicken up and serve piping hot!

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  • gansie September 5, 2007  

    Qs – are you stirring it at all during those 20 minutes? do you put a lid on? No salt or (white) pepper?

  • BS September 5, 2007  

    realized I forgot to write salt at the end – just a given for me that everything is salted – and yeah, white pepp is a good idea – b/c the black again ruins the color, or you can just grate fresh black pepper on it when it’s served, which looks real cool.
    I don’t cover it at all b/c i don’t find it necessary, but yes, stirring a lot, it doesn’t have to be constant, but let’s say frequently

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