What the Hangover Ordered

hungover pizza

Three bags of potato chips. Opened. Some stale. Some not salted enough. All next to me in bed. None of it curing my craving for pizza.

There was absolutely no way I could get dressed and leave the house for the second time that day. Not even to go downstairs to pay the delivery person.

>>>Mental Scan of Kitchen<<<
Day-old bread

While this may seem strange, I decided that cooking dinner was somehow less effort than buying it. I’m weird. I’m a food writer. What can I say.

Hangover Pizza

Quarter small tomatoes, I had sugar daddies and zebra cherry (I think they were the names), and let them soften and char a bit in a hot pan with butter. Add salt and pepper. Meanwhile, slice the bread, spread on ricotta cheese. The ricotta I bought was a bit bland tasting so I salted it. Shred cheddar cheese. Then assemble by smearing the tomatoes on the ricotta and topping with the cheddar. Slide it under the broiler until the cheese is sizzling and just starting to brown. Top with freshly grated parm cheese, garlic salt and crushed red pepper flakes.

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