100 Ways to Use a Tomato

OMFG, the tomatoes are finally here. Sure, they’ve been here all year round, but there’s nothing more disappointing than sinking your teeth into a mealy, watery, tasteless tomato, which is inevitably what happens nine or ten months out of the year. Then suddenly, in late summer, we head to the farmers’ market and find those beautiful, juicy specimens we’ve been looking for the whole time. Of course, we overbuy and end up with way more tomatoes than we can use. But you don’t have to resign yourself to cooking eight gallons of fresh tomato sauce, because we’ve got the goods on 100 other ways to use up all your perfect (or even not-so-perfect) summer tomatoes. You can poach tomatoes, stew tomatoes, roast tomatoes, and pickle tomatoes. We’ve got tomato sushi, tomato cobbler, tomato-tinis and tomato creme brulee. Oh yeah, and there’s pizza and stuff too…

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Picture 32371h 4690483224_a4c7e679cd_b TomatoBasilChevreGelatin360 ketchupandpotatoes_500
Scallop-BLT-V1-©-2010-Jonathan-Meter tomatopie1 granita salad
broiled-tomatos-2-600-x-383 roasted-cherry-tomatoes-e1279418864842 stuffedtoms3_wm 4625941046_c414cb34cc
tomato-chutney fried-green-finished tian TomatoesInTomatoSauceForPost
Gazpacho_banner 4100047945_227efcabe3 tomato-salad 2009-11-03_BaconLeekArugalaFrittata
Jam_tomato3 3797189902_1a40e931e4_o tomatosoup tomatoes-and-feta-on-tpicks
IMG_1191 3363556440_745cb27862_o 430DSC_0033 DSCF5240
moussaka-690-x-510-345-x-255 Green Tomato Pickle tomato_fondue 2677598023_bd3f9c146d
trahanasoup3wm mango-salsa caprese pizza
4.11.10 154 MG_4104 rata tomato-sushi
caprese tomatostacks tomatojam1 capri-1
tomato2 green tomato bread pickled tomatoes caprese
stew bruschetta soup focaccia_1
IMG_2645_thumb honey Sept. 2009 167_thumb[1] foccacio-045-3
eggs tomato-juice photo-7 IMG_6767
2719915317_8ac0b98779 salad poached-tomato-11 2507399223_858d17dd16_o
tomatoespan DSC_0217_thumb asparagus-tomato-salad-400X400-kalynskitchen pizza09
CandiedTomatoSelected DSC01001 lasagna bltnapolean
DSC02319 insalata_caprese tomato-fried-chevre-corn-500 baked tomatoes
tomatoes tomatoescarrots steaming gallete
bruschettabenedict1_550 TomatoesJar2 puff_pastry_pizza caviaraubergine6web
bread marmalade Tomato RasamVM pesto stuffed cherry tomatoes
tomatoshrimp_540 tomato_bread_inside tom-bake-1 DSC_6845
tomato-purslane-salad-2 tomato soup paella green-tomato-muffins-9
photo-51 3860476726_2313c9423a_o fried-green-tomatoes-mozzarella tomato soup

PS – What did we miss? Have a star tomato recipe? Drop your link in the comments. If your photo makes us drool, we’ll add it to the list.

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Plus…Thanks for the tips in the comments! Here are a few way to consume those ripe tomatoes:

tomatosalad Tomato-Dish-225x300 pappa-al-pomodor1 stuffedtomatoes3

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