Top 10 Creepy Halloween Recipes

Meat-free fiends can still get in on the mummy action by going with unfurled‘s nutella-and-frosting wrapped bodies

5. Mummy Meatloaf


Sticking with the corpse theme, Family Corner is cooking up this Lasagna-wrapped meatloaf.

4. Bloody Worms


Classics don’t get old, and who doesn’t like eating worms” The Idea Room has this spin, made from straws (they’re edible in the end).

3. Shrunken Heads in Cider


Count on that freak Martha Stewart to turn granny smith apples into this creepy bowl of heads.

2. Jello Brain


Amazon has your brain mold (if by chance you don’t already have one in your kitchen), and thirteen for halloween has the recipe to make it even grosser.

1. Eyeball Caprese


Of the many, many eyeball recipes out there, Evil Mad Scientist finds the perfect balance between gross-out and appetizing with this eyeball caprese salad.

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