Polar Vortex Cooking: Pea Pot Pie

Not sure if any of you have noticed, but it is COLD outside. Cara Daffron of EdibleFeast.com joins us to share this slow cooker comfort food recipe. Her pea pot pie uses hardy and readily available winter vegetables and herbs like tarragon and thyme…plus it takes like three steps to make. Stay warm!

Serve this crust-less pot pie on its own or with biscuits. If you really want a traditional feel, you can bake the finished product in a pie tin with a simple pot-pie-style pastry top. To incorporate more protein into the dish and 2 cups of diced cooked chicken or turkey to the pot before cooking.

Pea Pot Pie

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Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork Stuffing


If you ask me, it is NOT a holiday meal without stuffing. Nothing says celebration like cooking some old bread up with an unreasonable amount of butter and fatty meat. Honestly, I don’t even care if we have a bird. Whether it’s turkey, goose or even ham on the Christmas table, I’m expecting stuffing on the side.

And this year I’m pretty proud of my new invention: stovetop stuffing amped up with apple bourbon slow-cooker pulled pork, walnuts and apples. YEP.

Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork Stuffing

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Korean Empanada Night

Woo-hoo for wintry weather! As much as we all love pumpkin beers, food-wise fall really just seems like a tease until slow cooker season officially arrives. With the temps plummeting this week, I think it’s time to kick it off.


While pulled pork is usually my slow cooker weapon of choice, this week I decided to branch out and go for beef, inspired by Campbell’s Korean BBQ Slow Cooker Sauce. First off: wow, Korean food has really arrived in the mainstream, huh? You’ve come a long way, kimchi. Two: I know this is bordering on cheating, but what I appreciate about this sauce is that it’s actually made out of real food, rather than mostly additives. So you’ve got your peppers, garlic and all your savory spices in the bag, you just pour it over a rump roast and go to work. Seven hours later, you’ve got tender strands of Korean-style BBQ beef.

If you’re a normal person, you just throw that over some white rice and call it a night. Clearly, I had to do something more blog-worthy.

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Bacon Lattice Pulled Pork Potato Pie

bacon pie

Advance apologies to anyone who has made any kind of New Year’s resolution, because this almost certainly breaks all of them. But it simply has to be shared. Attention must be paid.

My girlfriend recently proposed making Cowgirl’s Country Life’s bacon-topped pulled pork pie and I, well, just about proposed to her…Check out the link for the full recipe, but here’s the play-by-play:

1. Potatoes


Sliced thinly and spread across a cast iron; topped with some mysteriously awesome pork spices we picked up in Denmark this summer

2. Pork


This is a great way to use up the leftovers from slow cooker pulled pork. We also added some extra BBQ sauce.

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Super Bowl Grub: Kimchi and Apple Brats

I have never been one for slow cookers. I understand the appeal and do not deny the results but I typically take little satisfaction from putting all my ingredients  in a crock pot and letting it do all the work. That being said, the Super Bowl is the slow cooker’s — well — Super Bowl. When you have a bunch of friends coming over, nothing is easier than having a portion of the game day eats just simmering away without needing much attention.

And what better to have simmering than sausage? Recently the governors of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin made the typical Super Bowl bet of food/drink from each respective state. Included in Wisconsin’s bet is a selection of bratwurst, cheese and beer. Besides making me want to visit Wisconsin for the first time in my life, it also had me craving some brats. But instead of the typical sauerkraut and brats, I decided to top mine with Korean kimchi, the spicy, funky Korean cabbage dish that is basically what sauerkraut wants to be when it grows up.

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Duck, Duck, Duck…Peking…Post


While Britannia’s Slow Cooked Peking Duck may have not yielded all that much meat, it was definitely revolutionary in its originality. The Washington Post even picked up on it. Check out Britannia’s (Russell) shout out in Joe Yonan‘s solo cooking column.

[Cooking for One: Discovering Slow Cookers]

(Photo: Thin Glass)

Duck, Duck, Duck…Peking


Last year I made a purchase which I consider to be the best investment my kitchen has seen: a slow cooker. This slow cooker wasn’t just any purchase, it was actually a birthday present for the BF. I’m smart like that.

I grew up eating a lot of meals from a crock pot. They weren’t incredibly creative meals, you know, the typical stew and vegetable type of dishes. This led me to be a little skeptical of what can be made from a slow cooker, but the BF had mentioned it recently so I figured it was worth a shot.

Over the months we’ve Deej has made some pretty impressive meals in that slow cooker: chicken korma, beef wellington and bolognese, to name a few. The best part being that these dishes are incredibly easy and there are always leftovers.

Being the real chef in the relationship, I’ve taken back the reins of the slow cooker. I’ve even recently joined a meat CSA. Yes, that’s right. A box full of meat.

A farmer, from the depths of PA, delivers meat frozen-fresh from his farm. I got a little carried away on my first purchase, ordering 19lbs of meat. Eeek.

One of the food items I ordered was duck breast. Not having cooked duck before, I wasn’t sure what to do. But after a little research it seemed that Peking style was the safest dish to try.

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