Bender Enders and 50-50’s…OH MY


Go ahead and stare, it’s okay. In fact, it is totally justifiable. Having trouble finding words? Let me help: BACON grilled cheese, juicy burger, cheese, fried egg, BACON grilled cheese. Drooling? You should be. And guess what? I did not find this place through”Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”, or online, or through some tourist trap. This was found through word of mouth and in fact, in Bethlehem, PA, which is near the boonies (where I live).

The place: “The Wooden Match.” Their slogan: “Beer. Meat. Cigars.” Yes, it is a cigar bar. When first told about this, I figured I’d get a good beer, cigar, and have some wings. While the CRAFT BEER and cigars did not disappoint, the food far exceeded expectations. Even the plain burger was good. Bringing other friends to experience this greatness, we finally mustered up the courage for the “bender-ender.” Just read the description again…I really don’t think I need to say more.

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My Big Fat Skinny Fish Sandwich

Baked Fish Sandwich

So, at the last minute I invited my mom for dinner yesterday.  She wanted to know what we were having.


After a little thought, I realized my mom’s favorite savory indulgence is a fish sandwich.  Basically if there’s a fish sandwich on the menu anywhere, that is what she will order.

The trouble with that is fish sandwiches are usually fried (eek!) and covered in a mayonnaise-based tartar sauce.  Can you even imagine the calories and fat grams?

Meh, I know you guys don’t care that much about healthy food in theory.  But in practice, it makes you feel better about yourself and ultimately can taste even better than the fried stuff.  It’s true.
Baked Fish Sandwiches

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The Endless Road Trip: Copenhagen, the Prettiest Food in the World

So, I could tell you guys all about my recent trip to Denmark, and all of the ways that Copenhagen totally deserves its status as the darling of the local-foraged-organic food movement. But really, there’s no need to say anything about the food here, because all you have to do is look at it. Seriously—how the hell do they get all of their food to look so goddamn beautiful???


As previously mentioned on ES, these people know how to make a freaking sandwich for serious. These avant garde smørrebrød (how cool are øs?) are from Aamans sandwich shop, which actually just opened a branch in NYC. Left: smoked salmon with flower-pickled carrots(!),smoked cream cheese, shallots and watercress. Right: New potatoes with tarragon emulsion, chives, radish, and crisp potato chip strands.

more sandwiches

They taste even better in the park! Venison pate with juniper and schnapps, plus apple/celery salad and “bacon-nut crunch.” Sirloin with horseradish, remoulade and crispy onions.

hot dog sign

If you thought Danish people aare all fancy foodies, you may be surprised to know they loooooove hot dogs. Artisan, gourmet hot dogs, obviously, with helpful signs that graphically explain that they come served in standard buns, weird fransk buns that have the ketchup or mayo stuffed inside, or on a plate.

hot dog

We went plate. Can’t resist more crispy onions.

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Food Porn Champion: Sandwich Smash

amazing sandwich

The Endless Eats Pinterest find of the day:  How Sweet It Is’ Grilled Fontina + Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches. At first I thought this was one sandwich, and I was OK with that.

Which reminds me: our annual America’s Best New Sandwiches story is coming up within the month, so get your nominations in now!

Endless Sandwiches: Spicy Chicken Avocado Pretzel Panini


Sometimes you need dinner in 20 minutes. This is what I turn to. Sacrifice time, not flavor.


Spicy Chicken Avocado Pretzel Panini

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Artsy Photo of the Day

What did you have for breakfast today? Cereal? Banana? Granola bar? Sorry, I’m about to ruin any satisfaction you might have obtained from your measly meal, because for some lucky people, breakfast could be THIS:


A perfect Croque Madame sandwich smothered in creamy mornay sauce and topped with a rich, runny egg. With frites and black coffee on the side, of course. Go big or go home. Or as the French would say, I guess, rentrer à la maison ou grand feu?

(This exquisite sandwich can be found at Épicerie Café in Austin, Texas.)

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