Friday Fuck-Up: Just One More Minute

So these are Momofuku’s Corn Cookies. Yes, they should be yellow, not brown. I am pretty good about using a timer when I am working on several projects around the house at once. However, when the timer went off for these I peeked and saw two of the cookies still had a slightly uncooked middle, so I popped them back in for ‘just one more minute’. I promptly got distracted by laughing at all the things that are not artisan, and about 6 minutes later smelled something funny. So I quickly grabbed them out of the oven, but it was too late. The first batch were goners.

But wait! This fuck-up is two-fold:

So the second batch baked up perfectly. Golden, crispy, tasting like sweet corn heaven. I had actually made these as a base for some ice cream sandwiches. I decided on blueberry cheesecake ice cream as a filler. Well, they looked pretty, but they tasted just… weird. I think the berry-corn combo was right, but the cheesecake addition was the wrong approach.  What a waste of cookies and ice cream. I have a few other ideas for a delicious filling, but I’m open to suggestions. What kind of ice cream would you eat in between two sweet corn cookies?

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fuck-Up: Just One More Minute

  1. While blueberry looks delicious, I might try dulce de leche or honey ice cream.

  2. So, do you have a recipe for the corn cookies? I mean for the second batch, ha, ha. I would would love to make these.

  3. Thamks for the link to thnngs that are not artisanal. I would have burnt whatever I was cooking, reading it too!
    How would a raspberry sorbet work with the corn cookies?

  4. Corn and chocolate with a hint of chili powder might give it a Mexican flavor or turn it into chocolate flavored Kix cereal. Hard to tell.

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