Marshmallows Gone Wild! Top 10 Summertime Uses for Jumbo Marshmallows

Maybe I’m just sheltered, but I never knew about jumbo marshmallows until I saw a large palate of them in a grocery store near the shore a few weeks ago. As a proponent of campfires and burning marshmallows to a charred, crispy, oozing sweet goodness, you would imagine that I got excited.

With the summer finally here, it’s time we break out the mallows and start toasting away. But wait…there’s more you can do with a marshmallow than toast it in a fire? Well yes, and here are ten favorite, craziest ways:

10. Chocolate and Caramel Covered Marshmallow Pops

Whenever we’re making caramel apples, I make sure no caramel goes to waste. I dip marshmallows in the caramel, then set them in the freezer. Why didn’t I think of then dipping in chocolate afterwards? I’m ashamed. The peeps (no pun intended) at the turtle’s life for me made these. A layer of crushed Oreos after the caramel and before the chocolate would MAKE these.

(Photo: A Turtle’s Life for Me)

9. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

They sell toasted coconut marshmallows in stores — but I’m pretty sure they couldn’t even compare to homemade toasted coconut-covered marshmallows. Now imagine this: they are made with jumbo marshmallows. I’m thinking you can coat the store-bought jumbo marshmallows in melted butter and the toasted coconut would stick. Or just make them from scratch. Whoever said marshmallows are boring: you lose.

(Photo: PreventionRD)

8. Oreo Marshmallows

Again, they’re homemade so the first goal would be to make these oreo marshmallows double the size. Do I hear a challenge? Damn right.

(Photo: Raspberri Cupcakes)

7. Fluffernutter Cake Shots

Were you one of the lucky ones at the lunch table who opened your lunch box to an oozing fluffernutter sandwich waiting for you? Well, we’ve grown up now (just a little bit), and now you can have your fluffernutter as a shot. Yum.

(Photo: missmake)

6. Deep-Fried Jumbo Marshmallows

These sweet, airy, snacks are battered in funnel cake batter and then fried to a golden brown. Imagine first a crunch as you bite into the fluffy batter and then chewing the gooey texture of the marshmallow. Yes, please.

(Photo: dfwfoodtruckfoodie)

5. Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

“Want to drink some of my toasted marshmallow?” Huh? I was surprised too…until I realized that it comes from Spike Mendelsohn. However, if you’re embracing the toasted marshmallow in milkshake form, you may as well toast it by fire rather than in the oven as they suggest. Especially if you like playing with fire.

(Photo: noble pig)

4. S’mores Bars

Our very own bakersroyale created these gooey, fudgy treats that include what? Oh yeah — cocoa pebbles. Still not s’more than you can handle? Then add those JUMBO marshmallows. What now?

(Photo: bakersroyale)

3. Stuffed Marshmallows

Why do all of these things need to be put on sticks? I’m not sure, but the layers of textures of these stuffed marshmallows are very intriguing to me. Not that it matters, but I wonder if the filling stays crunchy or gets soft? Somebody deep fry this. kthnx.

(Photo: dipitinchocolate)

2. Milk Chocolate Banana S’mores

The Blue Duck Tavern in Washington, DC has mastered a deconstructed s’more. And of course, put their own twist on it by adding banana. The toasted house-made jumbo marshmallow sits on milk chocolate and banana baked custard (pot de creme) along with crumbled graham cracker crust and a banana that looks too artistic to eat.

(Photo: blueducktavernblog)

1. S’more Cupcakes

Though embarrassed to realize that I was visiting a website that started off with the word “divas,” I had to admit these cupcakes look awesome. Note the highlighted tip: “jumbo marshmallows will make a marshmallow creme filled cupcake.” I feel like that should be part of the directions, rather than a suggestion.

(Photo: divascancook)

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