March Madness 2012: America’s Best Drunk College Food

34. Florida: The Cuban Gator

For those who always thought Cuban Sandwiches didn’t have enough meat, this one adds shredded beef and pork to the party.

Flaco’s Cuban Bakery; Gainesville, Florida (Photo: Howie L)

33. San Diego State: Sigma Pi Burrito

Burrito filled with carne asada, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, French fries, jalapenos, salsa. AND there is an entire cheese quesadilla inside the burrito.

Trujillo’s; San Diego, California (Photo: Scott Robert)

32. UConn: The Passing ‘Zone

With UMass (home of the original D.P. Dough) out of the tourney this year, we’re giving the rival UConn branch credit for this amazing invention: a calzone stuffed with breaded chicken fingers, mozzarella, bacon, tomatoes and ranch dressing.

D.P. Dough; Storrs, Connecticut (Photo: Webshots)

31. Purdue: Duane Purvis All-American PB Burger

100% sirloin patty with lettuce, tomato, pickle, Spanish onions, and….wait for it…peanut butter. You heard right.

Triple XXX Family Restaurant; West Lafayette, Indiana (Photo: Brood Witch)

30. Duke: Cosmic Cantina Chimichanga

Nothing edgy or shocking here; just some dirt cheap Mexican food that happens to be wrapped in a package bigger than your head.

Cosmic Cantina; Durham, North Carolina (Photo: Wikimedia)

29. Ohio State: The Fat Carnie

Buffalo tenders, mozzarella sticks, french fries, bacon bits and ranch dressing, all on a sandwich.

PJs Grill; Columbus, Ohio (Photo: My Fisher Grad Life)

28. Missouri: El Rancho Nachos

A nacho plate where the tortilla chips are really more of an afterthought.

El Rancho; Columbia, Missouri (Photo: I Know CoMo)

27. Memphis: BBQ Tofu

A meatless Tennessee surprise! If you’re looking for inebriated Memphis students, they can reliably be found chowing done on this savory southern-style soy.

RP Tracks; Memphis, Tennessee (Photo: RP Tracks)

26. Notre Dame: Four Horsemen Basket

Ribs, chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, Parmesan shrimp and breadsticks. Perhaps designed to be eaten by a group, but on many occasion consumed by a single drunken Irish fan.

Between the Buns; South Bend, Indiana (Photo: BtB)

25. Marquette: Real Chili

Spaghetti topped with beans, then meat, then cheese. Actually uses the tagline “Preventing Milwaukee’s hangovers since 1931.”

Real Chili; Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Photo: Rich S.)

24. Kansas: Cream Cheese Pizza

Pizza with a full layer of cream cheese in between the sauce and the mozzarella.

Pizza Shuttle; Lawrence, Kansas (Photo: tommy k.)

23. Michigan: Hippie Hash

A full plate of hash browns with mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, onions and lots of feta. Michiganders, not being hippies, order it with sausage on the side.

Fleetwood Diner; Ann Arbor, Michigan (Photo: calamity_hane)

22. UNLV: Loco Dog

A beef dog wrapped in bacon and topped with grilled onions, jalapeno relish and guacamole, served on a grilled wheat bun.

Flowrider; Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris M)

21. West Virginia: Barracuda Burger

Grilled pineapple, jalapeno bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and sesame teriyaki sauce — is there any doubt someone was stoned when they decided all of these things belonged on the same burger?

Tailpipes; Morgantown, West Virginia (Photo: Fat Guys and a Table)

20. Syracuse: Six-Pound Frittata

A pound of home fries held together by four eggs, plus Italian sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, onions and peppers. You get your name on the wall if you can finish the whole thing.

Mother’s Cupboard; Syracuse, New York (Photo: Switzers Head North)

19. Michigan State: The Dub

A wrap is a healthy snack, right? Yeeeeeah…especially when you load it with meatballs, chicken, pepperoni, marinara sauce and mozzarella.

Menna’s Joint; East Lansing, Michigan (Photo: Southwest Michigan Dining)

17 & 18. Vanderbilt / Belmont: The Barnyard Dog

Like an entire Southern picnic piled onto a bun: a hot dog topped with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and creamy coleslaw.

The Dog of Nashville; Nashville, Tennessee (Photo: Jennie L)

16. Norfolk State: Stuffed Meat Pizza

Sometimes, there’s just not enough room on top of the pizza for meat. Those instances can be solved by doubling the crust and stuffing pounds of ground beef, salami, sausage, pepperoni and ham in between.

Granby Street Pizza; Norfolk, Virginia (Photo: Granby Street)

15. UNC-Asheville: Luella’s BBQ

A barbecue sandwich worth making love to.

Luella’s BBQ, Asheville, North Carolina (Photo: Luella’s)

14. North Carolina State: Tobacco Road Cheesesteak

Philadelphians may cry foul at calling this a cheesesteak. But with roast beef, melted provolone and crispy battered onions, no one in NC is complaining.

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe; Raleigh, North Carolina (Photo: Tobacco Road)

13. Alabama: Creole Breakfast Burrito

The deep South has some amazing ideas when inebriated: like eggs, cheese, grits, Cajun sausage and onions, all wrapped in a grilled tortilla.

Brothers Street Eats; Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Photo: Reese Shirey)

12. Gonzaga: The Certifiable Crazy Burger

Everyone’s favorite sleeper team comes through in a big way: a 6-oz. angus topped with swiss cheese sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, “crazy sauce,” bacon and a slab or pastrami. (Photo: Chris S)

Crazy G’s; Spokane, Washington (Photo: Chris S)

11. University of Detroit: Coney Dog

A Detroit institution: all-beef franks, plus chili, cheese, mustard and onions.

U of D Coney Island; Detroit, Michigan (Photo: Biggest Menu)

10. Wisconsin: Mac and Cheese Pizza

Count on the badger state to find a way to combine America’s two favorite cheese products into one colossal artery clogger.

Ian’s Pizza; Madison, Wisconsin (Photo: John Kannenberg)

9. Long Island University: Something Different Sandwich

This old-school diner adjacent to L.I.U.’s Brooklyn campus combines two Jewish classics into one monstrous creation — juicy slices of beef brisket contained between two oversize deep-fried potato latkes, served with apple sauce for spreading or gravy or dipping.

Junior’s; Brooklyn, New York (Photo: Junior’s)

8. Temple: Moe Green Dog

The only item on the list that induces drunk kids to eat their asparagus…with provolone, parmesan, and a hot dog.

The Dapper Dog; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Photo: Drawing for Food)

 7. Texas: Three Wise Fries

These truck food cheese fries, which come topped with the typical orange goo, but also marinated beef short ribs, spicy marinated chicken, twice-cooked pork belly, grilled onions and a kicker called el scorcho sauce.

Coreanos; Austin, Texas (Photo: Coreanos)

6. Lehigh University: The FDR Challenge

Three half-pound burgers, stacked and topped with three slices of pork roll, three fried eggs, six pieces of bacon, cheeses, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion. Oh yeah, and one and a half pounds of chili cheese fries.

Roosevelt’s 21st; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Photo: R21)

5. New Mexico State: Heart Attack Puffs

Deep-fried goodness filled with molten apple butter and bacon. Yes, please.

SB’s Late-Night Lunch Box; Las Cruces, New Mexico (Photo: SB’s)

And…The Final Four

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  • Jenna March 15, 2012  

    Not to quibble, but the submission for Ohio is mislabeled as Athens, Georgia, rather than Athens, Ohio. (My fiance is an OU alum and remembers the dogs fondly!)

  • erica March 15, 2012  

    i LOVE when you guys do posts like these!

  • n March 15, 2012  

    St. Mary’s is wrong. You mistakenly chose the one in San Antonio when the one that made the tournament is in Moraga, CA

  • BS March 15, 2012  

    d’oh! Embarrassed. So what should St. Mary’s of California’s food be?

  • stupidflanders March 15, 2012  

    San Diego State might not win the tournament, but at least they have the hottest girls and best stoner food.

  • Nick March 16, 2012  

    #56 O’Betty’s It’s Athens, Ohio, not Athens, Georgia.

  • Emily March 16, 2012  

    Next mission of this new Austinite: find those short rib cheese fries and devour them. Preferably while wasted. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Adam March 18, 2012  

    You picked the right place but the wrong item at O’Betty’s. Everyone knows that the Matahari dog with garlic fries is the way to go.

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