Resist the Jerky at Seattle Farmers’ Markets

If you want to understand a new city don’t go on that dumb duck tour. Instead, find a farmers’ market.

Ask questions of the vendors. Sample local food, it’s better than any other breakfast.

A cheese made in the temperate Pacific Northwest will taste different than a cheese made from cows raised in searing heat. Each state has different rules on selling alcohol, so wine, cider and mead sips can be found at Seattle markets.

You can even find alcohol (although not as much as NyQuil) in the ancient Asian tea, Kombucha.

Really bring home a piece of your vacation with an edible souvenir. Find unique beans or grains (such as wheat berries, red hard or triticale berries), or simply ones that can’t be found at your markets.

An apple from a nearby orchard makes a perfect plane snack. A sturdy cheese can stand a few hours of flying (and will pass a security test). Apple-smoked fleur de sel will remind you of your trip long after you’ve landed.

And while you will be tempted to buy a package of salmon jerky, resist. Chewy fish is unappetizing. Nibble on the smoked stuff instead.

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  • BS February 10, 2011  

    I am absolutely in favor of just about any type of food fusion, but two words I just do not support going together are “fish” and “jerky.” That almost sounds like a suggestion for forki’s fake disgusting food combo list:

  • gansie February 10, 2011  

    i really wanted to like it, but i couldn’t get past the texture. and the pickled salmon – also something i hadn’t seen before – was just too much *pickle* for me.

    i’m stick with smoked, thanks.

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