Making Your Boyfriend Jealous

Ricotta Pasta 1 -- Red (300 x 199) Ricotta Pasta 1 -- Yellow (300 x 199)

Ricotta Pasta 1 -- Green (300 x 199)Ricotta Pasta 1 -- Blue (300 x 199)

I know, we’re all sick of cheating for this week. Not only did we explain our cheating methods, but I had to get all Ombudsman and try to represent the feelings of the commenters on the subject.

Well, it just so happens I have a cheating vs. non-cheating story. But instead of parsing ingredients, this story actually ends in a delicious recipe.

And, how fun are the Warhol pasta pictures!

80 and I spend a lot of Sunday nights making pasta dinners. By Sunday night we’re tired of spending money, too tired to go out, yet not quite tired enough to order food. So I cook. And I cook something easy.

I bought ricotta at the farmer’s market this past weekend and was itching to use it. 80 piped up and wanted to figure out a way to incorporate the ricotta into a meal. I proposed a simple pasta sauce featuring the said ricotta.

80 had another idea. He had leftover store-bought red sauce in the fridge. He wanted to add ricotta to the sauce and use that for his pasta. “Fine,” I said. “Fine.”

I then said to myself: ” Don’t worry about me, making a fresh sauce from scratch. You take your corn syrup and slurp up those cheating noodles.”

Ricotta Dressing with Swiss Chard and Angel Hair

In salted, boiling water, drop in swiss chard leaves for 3 minutes. Once bright, bright green, take them out (do not drain the water) and place in a separate bowl with ice water for another minute. Let the water drain from the leaves and chop.

In a medium to large size pan full of butter, add in chopped garlic, like 6 or 7 cloves, plus a shallot and mix around to make sure it doesn’t brown.

Bring the water from the swiss chard back to a boil and add whole wheat angel hair. In the buttery pan, add a few spoonfuls of ricotta with parm, coarse sea salt, pepper and some of the pasta water to make a quick dressing for the noodles. This is when you should throw in the blanched swiss chard.

When the noodles are done add them directly to the pan with the sauce, toss to combine and add more ricotta/salt/pepper/parm/red pepper flakes to taste. Watch as your boyfriend wishes he didn’t use store-bought sauce.

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  • dad gansie March 13, 2010  

    Way to go gansie. Sounds good
    so 80p how was your gravy ??

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