Oscar Party Menu: 10 Recipes for 10 Movies


The countdown is on. Less than one week until Hollywood’s glitzy night of self-indulgence and debauchery. Don’t judge, we’re all a little conceited, right? I know my cooking is better than yours so where’s my trophy? Of course, as much as we love movies, we’re mostly in it for the food. Let’s take a closer look at what the 10 best picture nominees have taught us (dinner-wise) over the past year.



The Na’Vi don’t really eat much in Avatar but that doesn’t stop people from speculating and theorizing for themselves, going so far as to say that Na’Vi wouldn’t have the enzymes to digest earth food, and earth meat would be poisonous. Putting that aside, if I were a Na’Vi I’d be hungry for a big piece of meat like these Hoison Sauce BBQ Ribs.

The Blind Side


While the world waits for Sandra Bullock to receive her first, and c’mon, only Oscar we can only imagine how many natty lights and burgers were consumed while filming on location at a football field. Celebrate the Blind Side with your tailgating food of choice—may we suggest beer brats.

District 9


Two words for ya: cat food—the only “food” item worth talking about to come out of this movie. ES in no way recommends eating cat food, but you can always go with a kitty litter cake. The next best thing is SPAM—it comes in a can, it looks like crap and smells awful. And if the Prawns ever do come to earth then ES has this handy guide for you.

An Education


Here’s a lesson for you — English food in the 60’s was the dawn of a new era. Brits were introduced to and embraced Chinese and Indian cuisine like no other nation. So celebrate An Education by eating anything and everything. Preferably all on one bun.

Hurt Locker


I can’t imagine there are many dining choices available to soldiers in Iraq other than the issued MRE’s. Of course, if we ESers were shipped off to duty we’d be making our brigades stop at every other house to ask countless questions about the local take on Middle Eastern food.

Inglourious Basterds


There are two things I took away from this movie. The first is that Quentin Tarantino can’t spell. It’s Bastards, just say it. The second thing is I need to take better care of my scalp; condition daily. Moving on, when in Germany let’s eat German food.



A movie as touching as it is haunting, with an obvious portrayal of how food can be as evil as the people around us. The image of food in this movie is overshadowed by the storyline but the moment that stayed with us most is that haunting/amazing shot of boiling pigs feet.

A Serious Man


Just go get drunk. That is my only tip for getting through this depressing mess of a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was great but it really needs to come with a warning. If you do decide to watch A Serious Man sans alcohol, then there really is no other way to watch it than with a big bowl of Matzo Ball Soup.



How cute is this movie, CUTE. Russell and Kevin really love their chocolate, and who doesn’t? If you have one thing this Oscar week make sure it’s a tasty chocolate treat.

Up in the Air


Finally we have a movie providing a constant reminder that none of our jobs are safe, and when we fly we’re subject to the mystery that is airline food—and not even the beauty that is George Clooney can cushion the blow. Show yourself who is boss and eat a meal that is worthy of first class travel.

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  • lisa January 26, 2011  

    my menu from 2010:

    Avatar – Tuna Avatartare
    An Education – Mature Cheddar & Baby Brie
    Up – Cheeseburger in Paradise Falls
    Precious – Jems of the Season
    The Blind Side – underdogs in a blanket
    A Serious Man – Seriously Chocolately Matzah
    The Hurt Locker – Kabombs & Explosive Curry
    Inglorious Bastards – Killer Streusel
    Up in the Air – Clooney Coolies
    District 9 – Quarentinis

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