Deceptive Dessert


I posted last month that my SO (significant other) is not a fan of fruits and vegetables, and has a clear distaste for them, actually.

Since posting the news to the world, he has admitted a caveat in his hatred: if he doesn’t see or taste said fruit or vegetable, then he’s good to go. Not an easy task you say, well you’re right. With this project at hand I did promise to cook for him and tell you all about it.

I’ve failed. Miserably.

I did make him an herbed chicken and linguine which really wasn’t blog worthy, but the dessert, now that was!

I’m a huge fan of avocados. They’re delicious and they have the good fat—what more does a gay man want?!?!  Avocados are the source for guacamole, which in my book, is absolutely amazing anytime of day. Breadline, here in DC, does a great chicken and guac sandwich, which I consume at least once a week.

A couple of years back a friend of mine made a no-bake avocado and chocolate pie. Forgetting the recipe, I set to task in recreating this. My hope was that the chocolate would overpower the flavour of the avocado.

SO’s reaction:

What have you done to this, what’s in it, you don’t normally cook for me without a reason…

I took those words as success. I waited until he ate the whole slice of pie before telling him what was in it.

And he still hates fruits and vegetables.

Recipe after the jump.


Chocolate Avocado Pie

Melt 12 oz of chocolate chips on the stove in a double boiler, stirring occasionally. While the chocolate is melting, use a hand mixer to blend 3 avocados until it’s a paste like consistency. Once the chocolate has melted, pour it into the bowl with avocado and add 1/3 cup sugar (more or less depending on taste), mix further with the blender and pour/scoop into the graham cracker crust (I used store bought.)  Smooth out on top and chill for up to three hours or until firm. Serve. Trick boyfriend.

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9 thoughts on “Deceptive Dessert

  1. I can’t believe you just whipped this up with no recipe! He really didn’t know there was vegetable in it?

  2. He had no idea there was a veggie in it, you really can’t taste it too much. Its very rich, be warned.

    After making it I did do a google search and there are a surprising amount of recipes out there, vegan versions, add vanilla, lime or lemon, cinnamon etc.

  3. What’s the point of putting avocado in anything if you can’t taste it?

    That’s like having sex after getting an epidural.

  4. My bf detests avocadoes (though I’ve had him try my guacamole and he’s said “It’s good but I still don’t like avocadoes- this isn’t something to my tastes”). But he loves chocolate pudding pies. I wonder if he’ll eat this… muhahahahhahaha! Nice one Brit :)

  5. I’ve had TT’s version of the pie, and it’s delicious! Definitely no idea there was avocado in there.

  6. It sounds horrible, but avocados are so bland, I can imagine it tasting yummy. Avocados are like tofu. You can hide them in a lot of dishes without anyone being the wiser. :-)

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  8. Avocado is a fruit not a veggie. So much for tricking the SO into eating vegetables but at least you got the fruit covered.

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