Switching Savory for Sweet


It’s absolutely KILLING ME but I haven’t been to the White House farmers market yet. It’s only a few blocks from my office, but I’ve been out of town, then out at a conference and then this week I didn’t leave my desk until quarter after 6 and the market closes at seven. No Michelle Obama treats for me.

But I hid my disappoint and redirected my energy to the challenge at home. 80P had to leave for class by 7:30, meaning we had to start eating by 7 (or at least start taking pictures of what I made.) I got home 6:30. I literally had to make a 30 minute meal. This alone is comical.

My aunt bought me one of Rachel Ray’s 30 minute cookbooks, I think it was entertaining themed. The recipes easily took me triple the 30 minutes (probably because I refused to follow the instructions. Whatever).  But that was years ago. Could I actually whip something up, and not just breakfast burritos, in 30 minutes?

Okay, so I mentally scan my kitchen on the bus ride home. What’s going bad? What’s fresh? What can be made quickly. And then I remembered what I almost made for dinner the night before. But then the Phillies gladly interrupted my life and I had to find a bar to watch the Phils capture the division. Yes, ma’am, that’s a three-peat.

My focus was on the rosemary country white loaf. Very about-to-go bad. And dude, isn’t that scary: how can a sliced loaf bought in the store last 3 weeks but an unsliced loaf bought at the market last for days.

Anyway, I had to use that bread. And I didn’t just want to cube it for croutons. I thought about a dish incorporating eggs, of course. I noticed that stratas require hours of marinating.

What about french toast? Those slices only take minutes to absorb the egg and milk. But wait. There’s rosemary in that bread. Syrup won’t work with rosemary. Hmm…

Savory French Toast with Creamed Herbs and Zucchini

I know. This is kinda crazy. I had to convince 80 it was edible.

I dipped the bread slices in a mixture of  2 eggs, milk, salt and pepper. Yes, pepper instead of the norm cinnamon and vanilla. I let that soak through.

I made creamed herbs earlier and had some left over. Think creamed spinach, but just a tiny bit thicker (it’s hard to use THAT much heavy cream.) In a blender I whizzed together sage, basil, rosemary, salt, pepper, oil and heavy creamy. I heated that mixture in a sauce pan and added in butter and garlic. And then some feta.

The zucchini was easy: slit into disks, tossed with oil, salt and pepper and broiled, flipped once, until browned.

While the zucchini cooked, I started to fry the french toast in butter and oil.

Zucchini. I know, 80 had a problem with this. But think of sweetened french toast topped with strawberries or peaches or bananas. Savory french toast would naturally be topped with a vegetable, and something that slices easily, just like the fruit.

To assemble: fan the slices of toast on a plate, layer zucchini slices over the toast, cover with the creamed herbs and extra feta and pepper.

(Next time I want something more saucy, like a creamy cheese sauce over the bread. Uh oh.)

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  • BS October 2, 2009  

    yummo (ha.) seriously, love it. Who says french toast has to be sweet? There is no reason. I say go for the creamy sauce next time.

  • dad gansie October 2, 2009  

    First ya go Phillies. Sorry I was part of your crazy schedule

    looks intersting. Rosemary in the bread huh???
    good job busy bee how long did it take???

  • Tia October 2, 2009  

    Looks absolutely delicious and as I have some zucchini waiting to be used I think I will try this out tomorrow. If I tell my kids it’s a breakfasty dinner they will love it.

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