A Burrito for Change


80P and I make this so much for dinner that I actually had to search through the ES files to make sure I hadn’t blogged about it before.  It’s like not even funny anymore to mention how much I love eggs, but I just can’t get over how often they assist me in meals.  While taking a break from practicing chicken pot pies (I film this Sunday – eek!) I wanted to throw together something I didn’t have to really think about, and would use up that half onion, half can of beans, leftover rice…

Breakfast—Dinner Burrito 

Now this is just what I happened to use on this particular night.  I’ve changed this a billion times, adding in greens, hot sauce, spices, prepared salsa, garlic, sour cream…I mean, really, this will work with almost anything.  Although my goal is to figure out if egg and winter squash mix.  Wait for it.

Well, you actually do have to wait for it.  Will be trying it in the coming weeks.

On low heat, saute onion in butter and when a bit softened, add in diced red pepper.  When that gets going a bit, add in black beans and pre-cooked brown rice.  Let everything heat through and add salt, pepper, cumin and serrano chili.


Then shove everything over to the side and add some more butter.  Drop in 3 or so eggs (less than you think you’ll need) and scramble.  When it’s almost ready, mix everything together and then add in shredded monterey jack cheese.  Stir to combine and serve with mashed avocado and charred corn tortillas.

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