Cupcake Ice Cream Cones


How cute is she! Madeline is my friend Debbie’s daughter. And she happens to be allergic to peanuts.

I don’t know much about this phenomenon. When I was little I can’t think of one friend that had this peculiar intolerance. But recently, my mom has at least one child with this allergy in her nursery school class every year. And more than 3 million people have this same allergy.

Sometimes it’s really serious—the child can’t even be in the same room as a peanut. Others simply can’t ingest a peanut. But they also can’t even eat non-peanut food (for instance a Hershey’s chocolate bar) simply because it has been in the same processing plant as peanut filled food (although I think some of the big manufacturing companies now operate peanut free facilities.) Parents, teachers and other adults in their life have to be incredibly vigilant with this allergy and be trained to use a life-saving EpiPen in case of an attack.

But all this no-nut business doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of treats available. Deb’s always finding ways to entertain her kids (I particularly admire their interest in nail polish and lip gloss) but this creative and fun dessert made me wish for the days of carefree sugar indulgence.

In continuing with our back to school coverage, here’s an awesome way to get the kids in the kitchen after a hard day at school.

Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

eggcrack-1 veg-oil-1

stirbatter-1 mmmbatter-3

Deb bought a nut free cake mix from Wegmans and Madeline followed the instructions: eggs, water, vegetable oil, mix, stir and mmmmm batter!

filling-cone filled-cones-1 pre-frosting-cones-1

Madeline then filled ice cream cones with the cupcake batter and baked them for 3o minutes.


To fulfill the ice cream look, Madeline and sister Caroline decorate with icing. The girls perform their due diligence in testing the deliciousness of the icing before the decorating begins.


Deb says she can use any icing because they are all pretty safe and nut free. The girls always use food coloring to brighten up vanilla icing, even adding sprinkles. Madeline and Caroline are obsessed with decorating food.

And I don’t think they’re too bad at enjoying their kitchen endeavors as well.

yum-face-1 carolineyum-1

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  • BS September 10, 2009  

    what an awesome idea! I need to start putting way more foods in ice cream cones.

  • ML September 10, 2009  

    The Baltimore Orioles (and probably other teams too) have peanut free nights for kids with allergies. A nice advantage for baseball loving kids who don’t want to die when people like my father throw peanut shells all over them.

  • The Hungry Mouse September 10, 2009  

    This is just brilliant! Thanks for sharing the specifics on how to pull them off!


  • Michael Natkin September 10, 2009  

    Those cupcakes are reallly cool! And thanks for helping spread the word about nut allergies. I’m all too familiar with them since my wife has an extremely severe case. Here’s an in-depth piece I wrote about the issue.

  • Hugging the Coast September 10, 2009  

    What a sweet and thoughtful idea!

  • Maids September 10, 2009  

    I love that little Caroline has a blue icing mustachio!

  • Britannia September 10, 2009  

    So cute. A great post highlighting the challenges of but allergies, but a great way to overcome them too.

    I have a friend who is allergic, when we cook I always try and find dishes where the nut can be omitted without adversely affecting the dish. Usually make two, with nut and without. I suspect that is a little more hazardous in a kitchen with children though- although my friend is an overgrown child.

  • Deb September 10, 2009  

    You did such a great job with this! Madeline and Caroline are loving it too! 🙂

  • pigpigscorner September 11, 2009  

    Very creative!

  • Heidi from Savory Tv September 13, 2009  

    Cute kids, and I love this idea, forwarding it on to my sister!

  • CJ September 14, 2009  

    My Mom and I made those for my birthday every year I was at school– she found them called “Clown Cupcakes” in an early Betty Crocker cookbook, and they’re always a crowd pleaser. ^_^

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  • Fran June 14, 2011  

    My granddaughter is newly diagnosed with a peanut allergy. These sound great, but I hope Mom also checked the cone ingredients.

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