Green Eggs And


Okay, not ham.

But, the *Rustica Omelet* from Mezzogiorno in the Central Market in York, PA turned green from pesto. I totally forget why Dr. Seuss’ eggs are green. Too much salsa verde? Anyway, this egg dish is filled with roasted red peppers, portobello mushrooms, onions, walnuts (kinda threw me off to have nuts in an egg dish, but I soon got into the surprise crunch every few bites), and swiss cheese. Served with pre-buttered (!) toast and deliciously crunchy, yet tender potatoes. Yes, I did apply extra butter to my toast. I have schmear issues.

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  • BS March 2, 2009  

    Holy conincidenES..Just yesterday I had the “green eggs, no ham” at Brooklyn Label: Scrambled eggs with baby spinach, arugula pesto and parm…served on grilled challah bread.

  • Hickey March 2, 2009  

    I was lucky enough to have a bite of this dish and it was fantastic! Happy to see your York trip was an enjoyable experience.

  • Stirk March 2, 2009  

    This story would be so much more fun with a photo of the author and her friend along with the Green Eggs…

  • Stirk March 2, 2009  

    Oh and by the by, famous York breakfast hotspot Mezzo’s “French Toast Special” this past weekend was acerbated (that’s not the right word is it?) strawberry’s and citrus and cilantro… JUMMY! Like a lil party in your mouth!

  • KarenK March 3, 2009  

    Stef! THANKS for making our favorite bistro national – Breakfast and/or lunch at “Mezzo” is always a gastronomic delight, in my book. And the company is great fun, too!
    By the way, re Patti’s comment…it’s MACCERATED strawberries…!!! Sounds kind of violent for breakfast, but, I understand, delish!

  • Alex March 4, 2009  

    Dr. Seuss’s eggs were inexplicably green. I personally think it was because he was cooking in an iron skillet. That actually happens.

    PS it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday Monday.

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