Thursday Three: Arugula Recipes

Spring is officially here! Which doesn’t explain why I see snow on the ground and there still isn’t a goddamn thing worth buying at the farmers’ market. Seriously, screw you apples and potatoes. I’m done with you. Because arugula was basically the only thing providing a shade of green at the far mar this weekend, here are three vintage ES arugula recipes to get you through until we start seeing some serious spring veggies.

1. Feta and arugula spring rolls

2. Arugula pesto

3. Zucchini boats with arugula, black beans and mini tomatoes

Remember, you can find all kinds of vegetarian recipes in the ES recipe index.

Zucchini and Garam Masala


Back in April Nick from Macheesmo invited me to judge the first in a series of virtual cooking contests. Of course I was pumped to review bloggers’ attempts to create something interesting with potatoes and lemons, but I wanted to be on the other side.

Last week I was picked to be in this month’s fight. It’s a very simple duel, use two ingredients and make something awesome. That’s it. Except when one of the ingredients is something I’ve never worked with before: garam masala. (Zucchini is my favorite summer vegetable, so I was pretty excited to use it.)

I’ve messed around with curry a ton, but only a pre-mixed, commercial curry powder. I never really thought about making my own, of course until now. And I was seriously close to buying one, but just leaving another challenge that was all about using what’s on hand, I investigated my spice rack.

Using the link Nick provided for garam masala, I wrote down all of the ingredients that could possibly combine to create the spice blend. I then went to my kitchen and figured out I owned 11 of the spices and seeds.

Fuck it, I’m making my own.

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Feta and Arugula Spring Rolls


I truly love a backyard grill session. The only problem is I don’t have a grill. So besides depending on the kindness of other party-throwing friends, I have to figure out how to best bring something. I’m always either shlepping my ingredients raw (drumsticks with a chipotle-garlic mixture tucked underneath the skin), in pieces (pasta salad assembled save for to-be-grilled vegtables) or as a ready-made (dips!).

And you know what, sometimes I’d rather just go with the ready-made. It’s usually easier to transport, plus this ensures your dish will incite proper attention: while the pork shoulder and corn are finishing on the grill, your dish is the only thing consumable and guests won’t be preoccupied with the grill-mark enhanced food, yet. So think of this dish as an appetizer to the hot stuff.

So for all you sans grill, feel free to bring this no-cook app to today’s Memorial Day party. Recipe post jump.

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