The Not So Humble Lemon and Potato


ES friend Macheesmo (of ketchup fame) and his bud, The Food in My Beard, started a friendly, virtual cooking competition: Foodie Fights.

I’m sure you know the Iron Chef-like rules: multiple contestants, using the same ingredients, trying to out-foodie each other in creativity and e-taste (did I just coin a new phrase?!?!). Anyway, I’m one of the guest judges for the first round.

Check out Battle: Lemon and Potato and vote for your fav. You’ll find out my pick tomorrow.

(PS—Happy Earth Day! Um, eat something local, or however you’re supposed to celebrate. You can also just read about others’ love for protecting the planet. Check out Blog for the Bay campaign, which, if you ask me,  is really just a love for the deliciousness of Maryland crabs. MMMM, crabs…)

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